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Vile Deacon 
Legions Common

Reviewed March 13, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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A good card to turn sideways.  Will at least swing as a 3/3, but could be much larger.  This is definately the high end card in the Cleric deck.  I've told several people I think the Cleric deck could be viable in T2, and will definately be a powerhouse in OBC.  This guy swings HARD in that format.  Coming as a 5/5 or a 6/6 is certainly not unreasonable, and will usually swing as a 4 power for 4 mana - great in black.  He's just not very defensive.

In limited, if you have the other clerics, this guy is pretty sick.  I've bashed skull with him as a 6/6 and my opponent has to either double or triple team him to take him down - they don't like that much.  Being black at least means it won't get Skinthinnered.

Constructed: 3.5 (probably a 4 in OBC)
Limited: 4
Current Price:


Vile Deacon - If it either cost less, or even if it was less mana intensive, this might find it's way into a Cleric deck. As it stands, though, I think the cc (casting cost) is just a bit too much for it to be playable in constructed. Maybe in block.

In limited, you'd have to be fairly Cleric intensive to make it worth considering. If you are, it's worth the slot and pretty damn good. If not, find something else.

Constructed: 2.5
Limited: 4

Judge Bill

Vile Deacon
Now this is a cleric. A 2/2 for 4 isn't good, but that's not what his power and toughness are really, as he's gonna do nothing but attack. Instead, you have a 2+*/2+* creature, where * is the number of clerics in play. Gets insane the more clerics you have, and unless they can find removal, they're dead pretty quick.
Again, even more insane in limited, especially if both players have clerics.
Constructed: 3
Limited: 4

 Van Zandt

Vile Deacon
also tempo-matic,  he pumps himself when he swings,  and if your opponent is
playing black or white,  he gets to be roughly baloth sized quite often.  4
mana in constructed though,  for basically no defense and no utility, makes
him not so great.
limited - 3.2
constructed - 2.7


Vile Deacon is yet another Cleric and this one is playable as a win mechanism. Since (white) Clerics tend to take care of themselves, and be cheap overall, there is a good chance he will swing big. Still just an okay card.


Constructed – The format is more likely to want recursion wins with Black clerics than go for a Vile Deacon beatdown. There are probably better ways to win in the current constructed than the Deacon – 2.10


Limited – Even worse here. A double color, 4 cost, 2/2 that needs other members of its tribe. Playable but not game breaking – 2.00


PEZ – A bit better here where creature size caps out at about 4/4, a real possibility for a Cleric deck’s clock – 3.10

Vile Deacon

I don't thin this card will see much play in constructed because it's too
slow and not very relaiable, especially against decks with a ton of removal,
but it could be pretty cool in Limited. If I was running black I would
really consider using it and if I didn't have any decent clerics I would at
least pack it againts other black/white decks could this is a possible bomb.

Constructed 1.2

Limited 3
Scott Sager Vile Deacon

Hmm...2/2 for 2BB that is a minimum 3/3 when it attacks.  It's OK, not great, but OK.

Limited:  2/2 for four and probably at least a 4/4 when it attacks.  Mmmmmm....beefy.  The fact that almost any deck playing black and/or white will have clerics makes this guys attack potential huge.

Constructed: 3

Limited: 3.5


Vile Deacon

This is an overcosted, slow creature in constructed.  There are a ton of ways to get better creatures that are faster and stronger.  It's just generally not good.

In limited this guy fits right into the whole black/white cleric theme.  A good attacking creature.  Not too good on its own, but definitely good with friends.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 3.9

Danny Tatro

--Vile Deacon--
     I think this card is a little overrated in limited sometimes, but it can be a huge attacker if the circumstances are right. But its always a 2/2 blocker...
In limited its pretty good, and much better to those who have lots of cheaper clerics out before this guy hits play. All in all I don't like him that much, mainly because theres just better black stuff, and other clerics are usually white.

In constructed its a legions common... nothing more.

Constructed: 1
Limited: 2.5

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