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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Wirewood Guardian 
Scourge Common

Reviewed June 19, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Wirewood Guardian

Constructed: 2
Limited: 3
Current Price:


Wirewood Guardian is just too expensive to play in constructed. While it does have the potential that I mentioned earlier this week as a landcycler, that will be the ONLY reason you'll see this guy in any constructed deck, ever.

In limited, he's big, but he's a late pick.  When you first see he's a 6/6, you think beast, but then realize he's just an oversized elf. he's more filler than anything, or potentially useful if you think you'll need the landcycle ability because your splashing green.

PS: Thank you to all of you who visited our Website and emailed us feedback! You helped us pick out a bug or two, and gave us a few ideas!! We REALLY appreciate your help! We still welcome any further feedback for those who haven't gotten a chance to check it out. Report bugs, give criticisms, and send in ideas of what you might like to see to: Chris Gerhardt - Thank you all!!!

Constructed: 2 with potential
Limited: 2.75

Judge Bill

A 6/6 for 7 in green that's not a beast? AND he has double green in his casting cost? If I want to smooth out my mana, I'll play Veggies in block, or Birds in type 2.
No evasion, so I have to say this is the worst of the land cyclers. Just another ho-hum big creature, and there are plenty of those in this block.
Constructed - 1
Limited - 1.5

 Van Zandt

Wirewood Guardian
6/6 makes him the higher end of non-amplified fatties,  plus as an elf he
helps you a bit in other arenas... although he'd be better as a beast.  Same
potential in constructed as the rest of the landcyclers,  but again,
unfortunately not a beast.
constructed 2.8
limited 3.1

Danny Tatro

       In limited he's a huge body for 5GG. The alterante cost makes him really good. Mainly since green has alot of double casting costs. this guy is one of the better land cyclers.

       In constructed he has forest cycling.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 3.5

Craig Brye

Wirewood Guardian

Constructed-Ok, it's big, it's Green.'s Green.  It will never see play.  With the
number of fatties Green has at its disposal, this just
has nothing to offer.  He's too big to assist with the
early benefits of Elf tribal themes. You shouldn't
need to rely on landcycling with Green's mana
acceleration.  1.0

Limited-Big is never bad in Limited, but I just wish
this guy did something more.  Kind of like a
Vizzerdrix on steroids.  Landcycle if you must, but
I'll pass on him.  1.5

Casual Constructed-If I'm spending 7 mana in Green,
Roar of the Wurm or a Beast with benefits is what's
hitting the field.  1.0

Casual Group-By the time the endgame rolls around in
multiplayer, Green should have plenty of fatties on
the field if he's still alive.  Hardcasting large
creatures is much more feasible in multiplayer, but I
still want to get the most of my mana.  Sure, he's
another big butt, but there's at least fifty cards I'd
want before this one, particularly one that can deal
with flying.  If he does see play, then I'm just
toying with my opponents or using up the leftover mana
from Upwelling.  1.5

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