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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Rukh Egg 
8th Edition Rare

Reviewed July 18, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Rukh Egg

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4


Rukh Egg is a reprint from Arabian Nights, but this time as a Rare (it used to be a common). Honestly, the upgrade in rarity is necessary, as this card would be way too good as a common card. Rukh Egg can scare your opponent enough that they may hold back on attacking until they feel they have better board control, and can handle a 4/4 flyer. It's also a combo possibility with Global creature destruction spells...clear the board of all other creatures...but my 4/4 flyer. Nice. Even better with Obliterate. Clear the board of EVERYTHING but my 4/4 flyer. Most likely game over.

In limited, this is an early pick. It's a wall early on, and a possible 4/4 flyer.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4

Judge Bill

Rukh Egg
Finally, we finish the week with the 8th Edition promo card, Rukh Egg. A 0/3 for 4, if that was all it was, would be crap. But the ability it gives you to have a 4/4 flier when the 0/3 hits the graveyard is a potent one. Could be a strong combo with Obliterate, along with being nice as a chump blocker first.
In limited, it gives you a 4/4 flier. I'd play it if I was going red.
Constructed: 2.75
Limited: 4.25


Rukh Egg

This is a good card. There is a deck that is being worked on at
called RW Turbo Obliterate. That deck uses cards like Obliterate, Wrath of
God, Slice and Dice, and Star Storm to kill everything, and you'll be left
with a few 4/4 flying Rukhs.

4 mana gives you a 0/3 blocker, that, when it dies, you get a 4/4 flyer.

Rukh Egg
Casual Rating: 4

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