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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Avoid Fate 

Reviewed July 11, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Judge Bill

Friday - Avoid Fate

Wow, this is a card that got a lot more powerful when 6th Edition came out. This is able to now counter an instant or enchantment that targets a permanent you control, all for the low price of 1 green mana. Then again, it is in green, so it will have limited uses anyway. But to be able to stop Swords, a Blast (Hydroblast/Pyroblast/Red or Blue Elemental Blast) aimed at a permanent, or any of the direct damage aimed at a permanent might actually be useful, if you need an effect like this.

Constructed: 3


Avoid Fate may just be worth avoiding. Of the spells you need to worry about, probably more than half are dealing damage to creatures which is why Green has Giant Growth and Invigorate. Maybe decent for some situations but not the best.

Constructed - Green should rarely be looking for defensive solutions - 2.00

Limited - Most players have a handful of cards in their whole deck that this will counter, probably not worth it - 1.75

PEZ - I will risk upsetting Matthew who had 2 in his Origins SB, but I just don't see this card being strong enough even against Pros Tides - 2.00


A green card that can counter!! That’s super! “Oh, you want to Shock my
Krosan Vorine? I don’t think soooo!”

Anyway, I love this card. It can help against blue decks (bounce, treachery,
control magic), red (burn), and black (smother, dark banishing) a lot. It
wont be as helpful against the remaining colors, but it can have its
moments. I think this card has a very high “cool factor”. While it’s more of
a sideboard card. I don’t see why not use it. Very handy in some decks, I
would love it in my 5 color 250 card deck..

Avoid Fate
Casual Rating: 4
250, 5 Color: 5


 Van Zandt

Avoid Fate
Would be a much better card now than it was then, since it's something like
a limited mages guile, and in green, but still not amazing. Sideboard
card at most in constructed, but perhaps a main-decker in limited, to save
your critter from removal/pacifism.
limited 3
constructed 2.9

Danny Tatro

Avoid Fate

       First off I must say...
             A great overlooked mental magic card.

        All in all a solid card, sort of out of flavor in a way. Problem is its a T1 card. I think they should reprint this and see what happens. All in all, a very cool card.

       In "legends" limited, if it ever happened somehow, I would probably have these in my sideboard as late picks. It counters some neat stuff. Plus its green!

Constructed: 1.5 (It technically one day COULD do something good in T1)
Limited: 3

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