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Dregs of Sorrow
7th Edition Rare

Reviewed January 8, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Dregs of Sorrow is an amazing limited card.  You play it no matter what, even if it's your only black card.  It wins you the game almost every time you play it.  It is THAT game swinging.  The cost is almost irrelevant in sealed - it's a mid game card when you sweep their board.

In constructed, it's a faster environment where you are almost guarenteed to never cast this card when you need it.  Don't play it.

Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 5
Current Price:


Dregs has a great ability, but its casting cost is too high for competitive constructed formats. But in limited, this card is sooo good. Clear one or two of your opponent's creatures, or late game, clear their whole non-black board, then swing with team. They usually don't recover from it. I actually have this in my MTGO online league deck. It almost without exception turns the game to my favor whenever I play it. A definite first pick in draft. If you're not going black, splash for it.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 4.5

Judge Bill

A great card for limited. The ability to kill multiple creatures can really swing the board in your favor. You should win the game shortly after you cast this.
The fact that it costs 5 mana to start, though, means that it will never be useful for constructed. It's just too darn expensive.
Constructed: 1.25
Limited: 4.5


Wednesday - Dregs of Sorrow

I remember when I actually got to play this a few times.  It was always interesting.  I think I just enjoyed the general duality of this card.  The problem this card had, was it's release time.  It was available in an environment that was leaning heavily toward speed and being fast.  This card definitely isn't fast.  It's a slow card for the later game that helps swing the tide in your favor.

I will say that if I were drafting and even considering playing black and this came by, I would DEFINITELY take it.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 4

Zack Locke

Wednesday - Dregs of Sorrow

If you can get Dregs of Sorrow to hit the table, you got it made. But otherwise, this card is way too costly and just isn't fast enough. Right now in Contructed there are just better options such as Chainer's Edict, Innocent Blood, and Smother for cheap and fast creature removal. I guess I could see this being played with Cabal Coffers, but it simply costs way too much.

In Limited, you better take it and play. Way too much of an advantage.

Contructed: 2.5/5
Limited: 4.25/5

 Van Zandt

Dregs of Sorrow
A card I liked a lot when it first came out,  it is good in theory but in practice tends to be too slow and restrictive.  Still playable in low numbers though,  maybe as a burning wish target.  In limited it's a game winner.
limited - 4.25


Dregs of Sorrow

AH!  My ex-favorite card, I quit Magic at Urza's Saga and Got back around Invasion, I was stunned!  I sucked!  I loved this card until Apocalypse.  I still like it, but I haven't found enough use for it, it kills newbies though!  Limited!  GREAT!  I'd use it limited!

Contructed: 1.75

Jason Chapman

Dregs of Sorrow is one of those cards that you open up in a pack and say, Wow, that is darn powerful. Im gonna go put it in my shoebox now. Yes the effect is downright amazing, if your deck ever gets up to enough mana. At 6 it is an overcosted effect. At 7 mana it is a decent deal. Beyond that point is where it finally gets good.

In Constructed not many decks can wait to hit this high of a mana mark and not drop a game-winning card Rating 2.00

In Limited this card is easy to splash and you probably will hit a high enough mana mark, plus removal is golden and card drawing is almost as good. This is a game breaker Rate 4.00

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