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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Onslaught Common

Reviewed January 7, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Some guy on MTGO told me to review this card, so why not - it's random enough.

This might see some play as pseudo-removal in block play.  Get 2 damage on a morphed-in creature, then slide it for the kill.  Works great with combat tricks too.  Sideboard at best probably, but the cycling ability also makes it good to blow through your deck if it's no good.  Outside of block, though, I seriously doubt it will see play.

In limited, it's pretty good.  Again, blow through it if it's crap, or play the tricks to get a kill.  This card is very underrated, though it's still one of the last cards to get put in your limited deck.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 3.5
Current Price:


This card is fun in limited! Your opponent attacks with something nasty like a 4/5 Exalted Angel, and they don't have enough mana to remorph her. You Backslide it, block with your 2/2 Glory Seeker and kill yourself an Angel. =)  Plus, it cycles... so it's never useless.

In constructed, it would be an interesting sideboard card perhaps. Exalted Angels and other morphing creatures are showing up in constructed formats now, so it could be useful.

Constructed: 2
Limited: Conditional 3.5 from the board

Judge Bill

Before Legions, this was pure crap. Now, people will try to use this to get another morph trigger out of their morph creature. And they will find out that this is still crap. There are many better effects that will let you do what you would have done with the morph trigger, andway.
In limited, this is an even bigger POS. Yes, you can turn their fatty face down. However, it will usually turn right back face up again.
Do yourself a favor. This card has one of two uses, depending on the climate and time of year.
If you live in a place where it snows, use this as an ice scraper. If you don't, use it as a coaster.
Constructed: 1
Limited: 1


Tuesday - Backslide      

I want to say that this card is one of the most terrible cards in the set.  Unfortunately, I have to honestly say that we lost a team draft because our opponents played this card.  Whatchya gonna do when backslide runs wild on you!  :(

I still thinks it's bad, mainly because it doesn't serve any real purpose in either environment.

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1

Zack Locke

Tuesday - Backslide

Image this - your opponent morphs an Exalted Angel and attacks in the sky. The only creature you have is a 3/3 without flying. Before the declare blockers step, you play Backslide to turn the Exalted Angel face down, thus making it a 2/2 and killing it with your 3/3 creature. Your opponent could morph it again, but will need the mana to do it. In situations like these, Backslide can be a good card but situations like these are rare. I would much rather run some sort of bounce spell (preferably AEther Burst) that would be more useful and generally good, whereas Backslide is situational for morph creatures.

In an Onslaught Sealed or Draft, expect people to play big morph creatures like Exalted, Blistering Firecat, Hystrodon, Grinning Demon, and so on. Not to mention, your removal options are limited.

Contructed: 1.25/5
Limited: 2.0/5

 Van Zandt

In limited,  it cycles,  which is never bad,  and you can occasionally pull some combat tricks with it so it's potentially pseudo-removal,  but it's still not a first or even early pick card,  and is never assured of making the deck.  In constructed,  it's just generically inferior to bounce in most cases,  though that may change with the new morph trigger cards in legions.

Limited - 3



I wanted to make a Blistering Firecat deck with this, as you can reuse him now.  There are no good cards, that I've seen to fuel that Idea, kinda like my goblin
pyromancer/artificial evolution.

I still think its crap, minus cycling, perhaps make it very useful

Constructed: 2
Limited: 3.5

Jason Chapman

So for 2 mana I can demorph, unmorph, or whatever the proper word is, your creature or mine. Hmmm… That means that it is still a 2/2 on the table and since you Morphed it once I know you have the resources to do it again. At least I can save myself from some surprise tricks but that is about all. Hey the card cycles for cheap and that has to be worth something, or not. Maybe when Legions introduces some of the When Morphed abilities this card will be better.

In Constructed the only way this card will help is by Cycling in most games. Morph just isn’t as prevalent or as powerful of a mechanic in most constructed decks. Rate –1.00

In Limited Morph shines and this card can help a little bit with morphed creatures and is always good for a draw if needed. Rate 1.50

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