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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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Quick Sliver 
Legions Common

Reviewed January 30, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Obviously this card has to be reviewed based on being in a Sliver deck, because it is definitely crap outside of it.  On the whole, being able to play instant-speed slivers is a pretty good thing.  A ward Sliver coming in as an instant is pretty ugly.  Having a Provoke sliver on the board, attacking, damage on the stack, drop Toxin Sliver, is a pretty good thing.  The fact of the matter is this - being able to drop a LOT of the slivers with Surprise vale can be completely brutal to an opponent, so I think this card will surely see play in Sliver decks.

In limited, it's a an instant speed sliver - could be useful, but not as much so.

Constructed: 4.25
Limited: 3


While Slivers will most definitely be the HOT new tribal set in Onslaught block, this guy is generally weak, and will only see play in constructed if someone manages to build a deck that utilizes instant Slivers to a high advantage. Quick Sliver itself is too puny to take advantage of the surprise instant factor, so unless your board is well built with supporting Slivers, he's kind of a dud. In limited, you'd have to have one heck of a Sliver army for him to be playable.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 1.5

Judge Bill

Slivers are back, and they can now be cast as instants with this guy. Not as impressive in duels as it is in multiplayer games, as the ability to plop out multiple instant speed symbiotes really messes with people more in multiplayer than it does in duels. However, I think this will still see some play in the new sliver decks - especially in extended ...
"Shock the Quick Sliver"
"In response, I'll cast a Crystalline Sliver."
In limited, I'm not too terribly impressed, as you won't have as many slivers to be able to take advantage of this.
Constructed: 3.75
Limited: 2.5

 Van Zandt

Quick Sliver
Instant creatures are good!  1/1's for 2 mana are not.  There would have to
be a very specific reason for me to want to play slivers as instants in
constructed for this guy to find a spot in my sliver decks.  in constructed
he's even more of a dead pick,  when an off color morph creature is a better

constructed - 2
limited - 1.5


Quick Sliver

YEEESSSSS!!!!!  I am so happy they brought back
Slivers!  I am so happy they br...ok you get it!
Instant slivers for 2.  Aluren vs. Quick Sliver.  This
guy can pop up anytime plus its a sliver itself.
So...I'd play this.  Limited, Hell, its cool as long
as opponent has no slivers.



Quick Sliver – You don’t know how bad I wanted to type “Quick, Silver, away!”. Anyway, creatures as instants always provide a nice surprise and a way to help get around counters and end-of-turn disruption. Even better, with enough mana on the board you can play this guy and then drop other slivers for more pumping madness. I don’t know if it is a best-of or the most necessary sliver but it is faily decent.


Constructed – A decent sliver. It doesn’t really ramp up the offense or defense but grants a bit of flexibility – 2.50


Limited – Do you have enough slivers to make it important – heck even if you don’t a surprise 1/1 body can be good at this cost – 2.65


PEZ – Well, Sliver decks might be ready to start fresh in this format but maybe they are looking somewhere else for the breakout sliver – 2.50


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