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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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Daru Stinger
Legions Common

Reviewed January 27, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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If you can reveal 3+ Soldiers, then you're golden.  Less than 3, and it's not really worth playing.  Unfortunately, I can't think of enough good Soldiers in T2 right now.  Whipcorder....uh...Whipcorder.  On turn 4, you're going to have played some soldiers down.  I don't think this will see much constructed play unless I am just straight missing something.

In limited, if you have the soldiers, go for it.  If you don't, it crap.  Probably better in draft than sealed, but most of the amplify stuff is.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 3


Interesting card, but a bit expensive for a weenie build, I would think. In limited, this could be okay if you go very heavy soldiers. Otherwise, you have a good chance of it being a 4 casting cost 1/1 (sucky!). Decide on this pick accordingly.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 2.5 - 3.5

Judge Bill

An interesting twist on the ability that first debuted on D'Avenant Archer. Could be really good in theme decks, as I would expect to be able to have 4-5 counters on it. However, as white is the weakest color right now, I don't see any place for this in the current type 2. Maybe when Mirrodin comes out and Odyssey block rotates out, but not until then. It should be good for casual theme decks though.
In limited, I wouldn't expect this to have more than 2 counters. Still, it can keep most fliers under control at that level, and so, if I was playing white, I would play this.
Constructed: 1.75
Limited: 2.5

 Van Zandt

Daru Stinger
Like a friend of mine said, heavy ballista is good.  In limited,  this guy
invariably kills morph critters, and sometimes more, thus making him
amazing.  in constructed though,  you would have be playing enough soldiers
(and more importantly, holding as many as you can in your hand until after
turn 4 when you cast this guy) to make this guy worth his 4 casting cost.

constructed - 2.5
limited - 3.75


Daru Stinger - I have always liked tap for damage cards for White since they mesh so well with all the “do not tap to attack” effects and First Strike. While this card is pretty expensive, and requires forethought and planning to make it worth the cost, it is also one of the best beasts out there for this ability.

Constructed – If you are running a Soldier theme deck, this guy deserves some space although his high cost removes him from 4-of consideration. I don’t know why he would see play in a non-soldier based deck. Overall – 3.00

Limited – Direct damage is huge and with the number of Soldiers in current draft formats this isn’t a bad pick at all – 3.70

PEZ – I would say this guy could be amazing in the right deck, solid common removal. Not a 4 of because of his cost but could be real good in the right games – 3.25

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