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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Recurring Nightmare 
Exodus Rare

Reviewed January 2, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Old school Rec-Sur decks dominated the Extended environment with this bad boy and Survival.  Sadly, the ban of survival made this things lose some punch.  None-the-less, the ability to keep bringing back creatures, especially ones with CIP effects, is pretty nice.  There are still good ways to abuse this card in extended.

In limited, it's a bomb.  You always have your biggest creature in play.  Really nice. 

Constructed: 4.25
Limited: 5
Current Price:


For your opponent, this enchantment can truly live up to its name. It makes it practically useless to kill off or counter a creature, as it will probably just end up in your face again next turn. Quite nasty.

In limited, it could drive your opponent insane as there are typically few ways to deal with enchantments in limited formats. An absolute first pick, even if you are not going black...splash for it!

Constructed: 4

Limited: 4.5

Zack Locke

Thursday - Recurring Nightmare

In Constructed, this card is simply good. Find a way to get your fatty into the graveyard and you got an awesome combo. However, you do have to sacrifice a creature in order to use the ability and it can only be used as a Sorcery (and not to mention, it gets bounced back to your hand O_o). It's still really good though. There are many ways to get your bomb into the graveyard in Constructed. Only to name a few...Mongrel, Tireless Tribe, Aquamoeba, Looter, Careful Study, the list goes on. ;)

In Limited, it can be good, but it depends. In Draft, it will be much harder to play, but you should always take it. This card is best in Sealed because you'll most likely have a bunch of bombs to choose from. If I was playing Sealed and drafted this, I would definitely find a way to play it.

Constructed: 4.5/5
Limited: 4.0/5

 Van Zandt

Recurring Nightmare
Against control,  resolving this spell is amazing.  Any creature they counter becomes an exercise in futility while this is in play.  Oh, you countered my spiritmonger?  He's coming into play anyways.  And with cards that have comes-into-play abilities,  this card creates card advantage, which is never a bad thing.  In limited,  it's not quite as strong without that kind of ability,  but it will get you your fatty or flier back as many times as you need.

constructed 3.5
limited 3.25


Recurring Nightmare

Goes great with yesterdays card, and entomb, Its very combo worthy, as with verdant force, since force pulls out little guys to sac each turn.  Otherwise Its
actually a good card...Excellent Reanimator

Limited: Ha, trade in itty bitties for the big ones, id take it, play in limited!


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