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Phage the Untouchable
Legions Legendary Rare

Reviewed January 16, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Here's an interesting note about Phage from the book's story line. Phage is the "undead" Jeska, Kamahl's sister. Well, little Jeska certainly has become a bada$$ in this Wonder Woman version of her. Wizards apparently considered her so lethal, that they put in the provision that she must be played from your hand, or you lose the game. Probably a good thing, as she would be jaw-dropping, otherwise, in extended recursion decks. How will she be in constructed? At first glance, she seems a bit over costed to be highly playable, BUT, she is good enough that players may just find a way to make her playable. But then you have to worry about slide. Slide out, slide in, you lose as her coming into play from other than your hand effect kicks in.

In limited, she's a threat to reckon with, and will cause your opponent's to hold their creatures way back. She's not impervious, though, as her power of 4 leaves her a bit vulnerable. Phage has a huge target on her head that reads, "Kill me...NOW!" Also, having 4 Black in her casting cost make her horribly difficult to play in sealed, and you better get her first pack first pick in draft, because you have to be very heavy black to play her. Still, a quick pick if you see her at the draft table early and you think the black at the table will support it.

Constructed - unknown, but probably 3ish
Limited - 4.5

Judge Bill

Thursday - Phage the Untouchable
The hefty abilities that this card has makes them add the clause about having to play (see my Tuesday column) it from your hand. Unfortunately, one card will make this card unplayable. That card is Astral Slide. The slide player just slides Phage out, and when Phage comes back in, its controller loses the game. And with the popularity of Slide lately, I wouldn't even think about this.
In limited, this is a much better card. Find some way to give this first strike, and you should win the game shortly thereafter. Even without an ability, it's a tough guy to deal with.
Multiplayer games will have to issue errata for this guy, as when one player loses the game, everyone else wins. I would suggest something like the following for multiplayer games:
"If Phage deals combat damage to a player, remove all permanents that player owns from the game. That player's life total becomes 0."
This will cause that person to die, while still allowing the other players to continue playing.
Constructed: 1 (against Slide), 3.5 (against anything else)
Limited: 5

Zack Locke

Phage the Untouchable

When I first saw this card on, only 3 words came out of my mouth - "OH MY GOD." I seriously love this card. Although it costs 3BBBB to cast, I can see this being played in Mono Black as a finisher. If your opponent drops this card on the table, you have two options - Do something or die. With Cabal Coffers, you can get it out faster. Bounce really hurts it though. I pray that I'll draft this in the upcoming Legions Prerelease...

In Limited, they can't do anything to stop it. It's a monster. Even better here.

Contructed: 4.5/5
Limited: 5/5

 Van Zandt

Phage the Untouchable
It wins the game.  For 7 mana, no evasion,  and the fact that you can't get her out besides basically hard casting her,  she's still very tempting to use.  In limited,  if you can make her fly or feared for a turn...
constructed - 3.2
limited - 3.5


Phage the Untouchable

I Play with astral slide, I dont fear this card... Its first ability is ouchies, Last HOLY! all you need to do is let it go through unblocked...Nice right?  I
can see it as an alternate win condition for MBC

Limited better but not as good as akroma



7 mana. . . Not many decks can produce that amount of mana but could be good with fear effects or the various red cards that prevent blocking which equals a win. Otherwise, she would eventually win her way through all the opponent’s creatures. Still, I believe she is too expensive and not enough of a bomb since she doesn’t have Haste. Also, not so good in an environment with Astral Slide ;)

Constructed: With the current environment, this card is suicide. Maybe better in the future when Astral Slide leaves us alone – 1.75

Limited: If you hit 4 black mana she could be a bomb but Black better be your dominant color otherwise I wouldn’t pick her at all – 3.50 (if Black is main color)


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