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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Risky Move 
Onslaught Rare

Reviewed January 10, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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If something is an enchantment, and it costs 6, if you're playing it in constructed, it had better pretty much win you the game.  This card does not even come close.  Too expensive, too intensive, too flip-floppy, and not even guaranteed to work in your favor.  Maybe if you're creatureless, but even then, it seems like a bad idea.  I'd like to see someone break this, because I don't see it.

In limited, it kinda depends on your creature count. I might consider it in a deck with low power stuff, especially against an opponent's army of fatties.  Might make the cut out of the board, but doubt it would make the main team.

Constructed: 1
Limited: 2
Current Price:


It is my theory that Wizards of the Coast has a special department within their Card Development team, called the Random Weirdness Department. Their mission in life is to come up with the strangest, most random card concepts and to insert a couple of these ideas into each new card set. Risky Move is one of the cards that made the cut. Not only is it totally bizarre and practically useless, it also costs you 6 mana {3RRR} for the privilege of playing this randomness.

Okay, let's think creatively here. There must be *something* you can use this for besides toilet paper. Um....  hmm.....  Oh! I know! This would be great in a Backwards Draft. For those of you that have never had the pleasure, Backwards Draft is a format where after you draft, you then have to give all those cards to your opponent to make his deck, and vice-versa. So you want to draft the worst deck possible. Risky Move would be a first pick, hands down! See? I knew I could think of a good use for this! Go me!!

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1
Backwards Drafting: 5

Judge Bill

A card that goes really well with red's theme of coin flipping. However, unless you are going to use this in a chance encounter deck, it's crap. If you are, it's still mostly crap.
In limited, it's even worse. Don't even think of playing it.
Constructed: 1
Limited: 1


Friday - Risky Move

I would say that this card is nothing else but a fun card, but flipping a coin THAT many times isn't even fun.  It can be entertaining and adds and interesting mechanic to the middle of a game, but it's not really worth it.

In ANY limited format, I would suggest that you just skip over the card.  Leave it on the boat and ship it.

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1

Zack Locke

Friday - Risky Move

The name doesn't lie, this card is nothing but risk. The only deck I could see this card being played in is pure burn with no creatures. Probably one of the worst rares in Onslaught.

In Limited, it's just as bad...maybe even worse. If you pull this in Sealed, ask the store manager for a refund. =/

Contructed: 1.0/5
Limited: 1.0/5

 Van Zandt

Risky Move
Hi, I'm way too expensive for an effect that is possibly detrimental to you,
  very slow in it's eventual possible payoff,  and will rarely have an
effect on the game.  Please use me to proxy cards that cost 3RRR on.
Limited - 1
constructed - 1


Risky move

....I'm speechless.  I don't really know a use, but hell!! This looks fun, but thats what I said about L*** L**** As unofficially censored word.  So...I Wouldn't play it in any format, better in limted barely...


Jason Chapman

Risky Move is just risky to play. Its expensive and you can never count on the flip of a coin. Plus it can help your opponent as much as it can help you. A 6 cost (3 color specific) enchantment better win me the game outright, not make me look silly while my opponent tries to figure out why he has never heard of it and what strategy I could have had in mind.

Constructed might find some weird deck that takes advantage of creatures switching sides, then again maybe not – Rating 1.25

In Limited just pass this card don’t ever draft this card, you will never play and never get advantage from it if you do – Rating 1.00

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