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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Legions Rare

Reviewed February 26, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Okay, I felt like being self-deprecating today.  Okay, I got 26th at GP-Boston.  I assure you, I still suck every bit as much as I did before.  I am at least proud to say that I sucked with 100% of the cards I opened at the tournament and 0% of the cards I had buried in my pocket to replace a random Words of War.

ANYWAY......who cares, right?  Right!

Oh yeah - Dermoplasm.  Sorry I haven't been around to review these suckers, but when you're not home, it's hard to review.  This guy is good.  Seriously.  I think there will be decks in OBC that use him to bring out some fun stuff.  Imagine turn 4 Angel coming in without fear of the shock.  Turn 4 Krosan Colossus.  Turn 4 LOTS of stuff.  This thing is neat.  Yeah, they can shock it, but they HAVE to.  What's even more ridiculous?

Turn 2 Skirk Alarmist
Turn 3 Dermoplasm

Yes, this now means that any attempt to kill your Dermoplasm get met with a response of flipping the Plasm, and bringing in a nice fattie...TURN THREE!!!

Yes, this is very odd, but in an environment that right now is VERY light on removal, I wouldn't be shocked to see someone try to pull this off.  I will certainly see what I can get away with on it.  Plus, you can use Alarmist to turn things into weird-like Ball Lightnings, but that's another CotD.

In t2, I dunno.  I don't think the environment is really gonna support this guy, but who knows.  It's kinda blue weak.  If this was a Wizard, maybe.  Outside, not sure the combo is solid enough to hold.  You can forget Extended all together.

In limited, it's scary.  VERY SCARY.  I'm pretty much gonna crap my pants of my opponent flips this after I have attacked.  Who knows what monster they're gonna bring down.  If you have Morphs, definitely play with it.  Alterternately, it can be an Ogre, or a VERY overcost Flying Man.

Constructed: 4.25 (Block)  2.5 (Other than Block)
Limited: 4
Current Price:


Oooo... weird. Okay, I can see some decks being played around this (fun decks). Have a bunch of overcosted, huge morphing creatures and use this to get them on the board.  I can't imagine it in serious decks though. This guy gets countered or off'd, and you're up the proverbial creek.

Editor's Additional Note: Okay this is addition is being written post-husband entry (see above). Leave it to my beloved to come up with some whacky way to make the card really work. One of the many reasons I married him.  =)

In limited, if you're playing a lot of morph stuff, and you're already going blue, it might be pretty interesting to play.

Constructed: 2
Fun Decks: 4
Limited: 3

 Van Zandt

I like this guy in limited,  the part where he can bounce himself means he
can in theory net you some card advantage,  plus laying out the occasional
big fatty.  He's a bit slow tempo-wise though.  Constructed, he's way too
slow and won't do what you need him to most of the time.
constructed - 2.8
limited - 3.2


I can only imagine how many players are currently building decks around this guy and what he can do. You morph him turn 3 if you're not playing any acceleration and you get a 13/13 turn 4 for two blue and two colorless. Granted you'll probably be using him to get better creatures into play, but you know it would be cool to drop a 13/13 turn 3 or 4 on your opponent and watch him try to get answers. I really like this guy in constructed, think he could be great and could see decks that rely on him to win. In limited he's still really good, worst come to worst he morphs and if you need a chomp flyer to stay alive or finish off your opponent he's there to back you up. The only thing I can say about this guy is..... only if Akroma could morph. ^_<

Constructed 3.5

Limited 4

Scott Sager I like this thing....sort of.  The ability to put any morph creature into play for 2UU seems like it might be useful.  The ability gets around counters and can be played as an instant, neat.  I just don't see very many (very many = 0) creatures that this would be worth having to get Dermoplast in play first to be worthwhile.  Kinda defeats the purpose of all the Legions morph creatures if you ask me.

Limited: A 1/1 flier for 2U ( I've seen worse) or just play it as a morph and make your opponent sweat while swinging for two.

Constructed: 3.5 (maybe, hopefully) Ok, fine..... 2.5

Limited: 3


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