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Gempalm Polluter
Legions Common

Reviewed February 20, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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In serious constructed, I don't see this being used. BUT, I think in a fun constructed deck, you could actually do something with this card. Get a bunch of Zombies on the board, and play a couple of these to finish off an opponent. Use Corpse Harvester to search him out if necessary.

In Limited, a decent card in draft if you're going heavy Zombies or Illusions. Either a decent 4/3, or use it to finish off an opponent. Much harder to make work in sealed, as you probably won't see the number of Zombies you need to make this very useful. But still decent.

Constructed: 2
Fun Constructed: 3
Limited: 3

Judge Bill

You can pretty much ignore the fact that this guy has a body. 4/3 for 6 will almost never see play on its own merits. What this card really says is ... "Gempalm Polluter - BB - Instant - Gempalm Polluter can't be countered by spells or abilities. Target player loses 1 life for each zombie in play. Draw a card." Not a bad ability for a zombie deck, so this guy may see some play in OnBC, but other than that, you can put him in your crap commons box.
In limited, this guy could be decent, depending on the number of zombies you have. Also, 4/3 for 6 isn't bad in limited. (It isn't great, but it isn't bad.)
Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 2

 Van Zandt

Gempalm Polluter
Uncounterable loss of life is good, as is drawing a card for it.  As a creature he's so-so (and expensive),  as a burn spell he's top of the line.
constructed - 3.3
limited - 3.2


Gempalm Polluter

Lets see, he sucks!  Cycling though...hmmm.  You
cycling him you draw a card for BB.  Then opponent
loses life, Nice.  With Unholy Grotto, thats actually
kind of good.  That might see play in OnBC. play lots of zombies sure! Hes actually

Contructed:2 (3?)


Gempalm Polluter is huge and I predict great things for this card. The ability to deal damage, avoid CoP’s, and draw a card is assume as is his ability to beatdown if needed (although this is much more limited). I expect to see him featured in Zombie decks with permanent methods of recursion.


Constructed – This is where you will get the best use out of him in the right deck – 4.00


Limited – Without a host of Zombies a little more limited but he can always cycle or be a body – 3.15


PEZ – Huge here especially as a common, there are very few other commons that are good enough to build a deck around – 4.75


Gempalm Polluter

We have a 4/3 for 6 that is only played in a deck because it can cycle really well. Trading a card for 2 black and getting to hit your opponent's life is pretty good but unless you're playing a Zombie deck you'll never, ever touch this card. This card makes me think if Zombie decks are worth it or not and so far I believe that's a not. There are a lot of other deck archetypes I want to try before I start messing around with black and a heavy Zombie deck. If Zombie decks turn out to be the next Tog this card could be playable but otherwise all I can say is thank god it's a common, because with that costing cost I wouldn't even touch him in Limited.

Constructed 1.5

Limited 1


Thursday - Gempalm Polluter

Unless you have some way to recycle this guy with Oversold Cemetary or the like, I wouldn't consider seriously playing him in constructed.

In limited, he's a bit pricey for what you get.

Constructed - 1.5
Limited - 1.9

Danny Tatro

All the gempalm guys aren't very good... only the red one is good and its only a limited card. No place in constructed for this card. In limited its a little better but its either a really expensive 4/3 for 6 or a double black cycle that can cause a little damage. Its like if misery charm costs 1 more black and cantripped... I've tested it in draft- it just doesn't cut it.

Constructed: 1
Limited: 1.5 (it cycles even if it is expensive double black)

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