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Blood Celebrant 
Legions Common

Reviewed February 14, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Good in limited.  It's a smoother to make your mana come out right.

In constructed, it's a Cleric, which is nice, and could make your mana run smoother since you need white too, but generally not real useful

Constructed: 2
Limited: 3.5
Current Price:


I think this could be an interesting addition to mono or heavy black decks that need to splash something, either main deck or from the sideboard. Not sure if it will see constructed play.

In limited, this is a decent card to add to 2 or 3 color decks that are already running black. Depending on how desperate you are for mana smoothing, a 3-6 pick.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4

Judge Bill

First of all, it's a 1/1 for 1 black mana. That in and of itself is nothing to sneeze at, although it's nothing special. Its ability is what makes it stand out. The ability to make a splash color of mana, so you can, for example, Naturalize something, can be very powerful. And when you put it in a reusable form, I think this will see a bit of play. Not a lot, but if MBC needs access to another color, you may see this popping up.
In limited, this is really good. If you have this, play it. It will help you avoid not being able to cast cards of a color.
Constructed: 3
Limited: 4

 Van Zandt

Blood Celebrant
He's not birds,  but he does fix mana problems.  Good for splashing colors
into your limited clerics deck...  and maybe (doubtful) to do something
similar in constructed.
limited 3
constructed 2.8


Blood Celebrant is okay, I just don’t know what decks he would be key for since Constructed is relatively easy on multicolored decks. I like the picture so that has to count for something and he is good in the other formats.


Constructed – Aren’t there better options out there although not tapping is nice? – 2.65


Limited – This guy is definitely worth it here. Anything to smooth out the mana is a good call and this guy fits the bill and is a body to block or attack with. – 2.90

PEZ – Multicolored decks have always been hard in PEZ but this guy may become the BoP for this format (and a whole lot easier to get 4 of) – 3.25 

Blood Celebrant

I would normally start this review with a cheesy joke about how this card fits valentines day but I'm sure the other writers have already made you consider ripping your eyes out of your sockets to avoid reading their attempts at being funny. With that wonderful image in mind happy Valentines day and may you enjoy this wonderful day sorting cards or playing online. = p

Could this be what a Black Bird of Paradise would turn out to be, or is it just a bad encouragement to play five color black? 0.o Either way I don't like him, he's a 1/1 for one black that could help you deal with a hand you should have mulligan because you didn't get the right land. Like I said I don't like at all in Constructed, but I would really consider him in Limited. He could help and allow you to run all those double and triple cost bombs that you normally wouldn't run unless your were focusing on that specific color. He could be ok, I guess.

Constructed 1.7

Limited 2

Scott Sager Blood Celebrant, B, 1/1, As long as Blood Celebrant is in play all your swamps may be City of Brass'.  This might become a mana fixer if the fetch lands get banned in Standard and/or Block.  Uugghhhh...this ability is worthless in constructed.  It's a 1/1 Cleric for B, it just might be what the Scion of Darkness deck is looking for, but nothing else.

Limited: 1/1 Cleric for B, a decent filler in the one drop slot that may help smooth your mana problems.  Not a first pick but I like the little guy in the decks of 40.

Constructed: 2 (Only because of Scion)

Limited: 3.5 


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