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Spellweaver Helix 
Mirrodin Rare

Reviewed December 22, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Spellweaver Helix has a difficult time as it has to "wait". Wait until you have the cards you want to copy in the grave. So it's dead in your hand until that time. It would have to be used in a deck built with it in mind to truly take advantage of it.

In limited, you rarely play sorcery multiples in any number to make this worth it.

Constructed: 2.5
Limited: 1
Current Price:


Judge Bill

Well, when I set this in late November this was my week. Then, 2 weeks ago, I see some of my cards in that week, and some of Shylo's cards this week. Shrug. This is my card today, but Shylo's cards the rest of the week. He told me it was because they were in one of his friend's decks. So enjoy.
Now, on to the card. This is a very interesting card with a lot of promise. If you can get 2 sorcery cards in the same graveyard, you can use this either very offensively or very defensively. Offensively if you build your deck around the effect (think flashback cards and Quiet Speculation), you can get some explosive effects.
You can also use this defensively, to fight back against a deck focused on sorceries. Just remember you don't HAVE to play the copy if you don't want.
In limited, you should never get multiple copies of any sorcery. So this is quintessential last pick material.
Constructed: 4
Limited: 1

 Van Zandt

 Spellweaver Helix
Yeah,  it's got some funny stuff it can do with recursive spells...  but
usually that's not worth it.  Especially since you have to remove one of the
recursive spells to begin with, and then get another to start triggering it.
  I'm waiting to see something techy with it,  which I imagine will either
involve burn or sideboard against a heavy sorcery deck.  Until then,  it's a
bad rare- and unplayable in limited.
constructed 1.9
limited 1.2

Spellweaver Helix


Spellweaver Helix is one of many cards that hve limitations that make it difficult to use. In limited you have a small card pool to use, so finding two quality sorceries to imprint in your graveyard is very tough. This card is in itself a combo card. You have to have all three cards in a certain situation for it to be useful. I would recommend not using this card at all in draft. In constructed you might find a use for it in a land destruction deck, sorcery burn deck, or maybe also in a mono black control deck. All in all, I am not very impressed with the card. The limitations are just to extreme.


Constructed 2

Limited 1


 Spellweaver Helix

In Constructed, it's pretty situational not to mention the fact that itís slow. For 3 additional mana, you, in effect, get to play seven copies of any two sorceries, and they are played in pairs. But is it worth it? I don't think so, because usually in one game, you won't get to play all four copies of a spell you put into your deck. Hell, you're usually lucky to play one copy of a spell, unless you play tutors of course. Besides, you're ditching one copy of that sourcery when you play this card. Maybe some fun in casual where you can play multiple copies of broken cards, but otherwise I would skip it.

In Limited, it's unlikely that youíll get more than one copy of a good sorcery, much less a way to go get it, so this pretty much useless.

Constructed: 1.5

Limited: 1


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