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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Lightning Greaves 
Mirrodin Uncommon

Reviewed December 19, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Lightning Greaves can be considered a well-costed ANNOYING spell. Giving your creatures haste for 0 is a good thing, people. Protecting them for 0 is even better. When it's in play, your opponent will need to hold back in case you play something devastating in the creature mode that they will have to block.  Or play it on something as simple as a flyer against a deck without flyers, and they can't burn it out, arrest it or otherwise deal. It's a clock (ticking toward their doom).

It's cost is right to make it available as a constructed card. The question is, will it find a home in a deck. In limited, it is a great early to mid pick, especially nice in a quick deck that wants to bash face quickly. Colorless is always a plus.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4
Current Price:


Judge Bill

Lightning Greaves 
The perfect equipment for when you absolutely, positively have to attack right now. It allows one creature per turn to ignore summoning sickness, and fits right in with a hasty Broodstar. Not many other constructed decks would use this, but this is very handy in limited, as it allows one creature to not die to anything but combat damage.
Constructed - 3
Limited - 4

 Van Zandt

 Lightning Greaves
One of my favorite cards in the set!  All your creatures have haste
(basically),  and any creature can be a green untargettable!  Add to that a
zero equip cost,  and this is quite dangerous in limited, and has a lot of
useful functions in constructed too.  (to note,  my article about suicide
black with greaves...  when you can't target a hasty negator,  he's even
limited 3.3
constructed 3.1


 Lightning Greaves
 Another one of my favorite new cards.  I have seen this thing rule the
table.  The beauty of it is that if you cast one creature per turn it says,
all your creatures have haste.  The untargibility is good too.  And if you
want to put an enchantment on it, just move greaves to another creature for
free, enchant, then equip the creature again.  It works best in WW but, it
can still be good in just about any deck.
 In Limited, this is also great.  Haste is very valuable in Limited, as most
people tend tap out if you have no creatures (they are guessing you won't be
able to attack them next turn).  Giving a fatty haste for no mana is great.
A high pick.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 4

Lightning Greaves


This is an all around winner. Two casting cost for an artifact that protects you creature as well as giving it haste...hmmm I think I might be stretching it a bit if I say this is pretty darn good. I think this card would have seen play even if you upped the equip cost to 1 maybe even 2. In standard this thing can wreck your game winning strategy just by being on a Platinum Angel. Sure you might have one artifact kill spell for the Lightning Greaves but now you have to draw another for the Angel. Haste is not a second rate ability either. Each turn you play a creature you get to move the Lightning Greaves for free and another creature adds fuel to the fire. I like to review cards that I know are good because they show up in Standard, Extended, Vintage, and they get early picked in draft.


Limited 4

Constructed 4.5


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