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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Zur's Weirding 
8th Edition Rare

Reviewed August 5, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Zur's Weirding

Casual Constructed: 4
Limited: 1.5
Current Price:


Zur's Weirding will probably only find a place in Casual Constructed formats, but it should be fun there. If you can combine it with some kind of lifegain enchantment, then it could be quite interesting. Just make sure you have the lifegain in place before you play it.

Forget it in limited, as it's just totally random there, unless your deck is SO terrible that your opponent definitely has more bombs to deny than you.

Casual: 3
Limited: 1.75

Judge Bill

Tuesday - Zur's Weirding
One of the old fun cards from a bygone era, this has reappeared in 8th Edition. This card gives each player the ability to pay 2 life to force a card that would be drawn to be put into its owner's graveyard instead. As with when it was legal before, combine this with lifegain to make it work effectively for you. Since you have to pair it with lifegain, it's not that good of a card.
In limited, it may deny your opponent's bomb, but it denies yours too. Never play this.

Tyler Grund

Zur's Weirding:

As I said in my latest article, I enjoy this card full-heartedly. Its not much of a tournament worthy card, but for constructed fun i'll give it a 4.2. With a deck built around breaking the symmetry of the enchantment, you could have yourself a powerful control-style deck.

In limited, not so much. I probably wouldn't even rare-draft it due to its low $ value. The card may be cool to prevent your opponent from throwing down a game-crushing card, but then again, he'll just do it right back attcha.

Constructed 4.2
Limited 1

 Van Zandt

Zur's Weirding
Yes, with the right cards, this can lock your opponent off. The problem is
that most of the time, that combination of cards is not otherwise
worthwhile to get out, or is too easy to disrupt, or is slow enough that
you're about to die by the time you get it in place. If you're already in a
winning position, that can lock it up... but if you're already in a winning
position, usually you don't need the extra lock. That applies both in
constructed and limited.

constructed - 2.2
limited - 1.8

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