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Siege-Gang Commander 
Scourge Rare

Reviewed August 14, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Siege-Gang Commander - Good times for Goblin decks. His come into play ability plus his activated ability (which can be activated multiple times in one turn) make this card amazing. His cost is very high for a Goblin, but he's a game-turner and a finisher by giving you the ability to block, damage on the stack, throw a Goblin at you (or your creature). REALLY good!  We've been selling out of this card like crazy!

In limited, also really good especially if you have the Gobbles to go with it.

Constructed: 4.75
Limited: 4
Current Price:

Judge Bill

The little red men received another good boost from this guy. He costs 5, but when he comes into play, you get 3 1/1 goblins to help you out. I remember playing Goblin Marshal back in the day when it and the Lackey were type 2, for much the same effect. Now if I had this guy back then, it would have been great. The fact that you can throw goblins at things is what pushes this over the top and makes it playable.
Also playable in limited, since who doesn't want 4 Shocks? :)
Constructed: 4.5
Limited: 5


Siege Gang Commander has some powerful bonuses but is awfully pricey for a card that won't win the game on its own, especially a card that is so vulnerable.

Constructed - Shouldn't goblin themes be quicker - 2.50

Limited - Direct damage is always good as are chump blockers - 3.00

Tyler Grund

Seige-Gang Commander

No one card ripped up the Tribal Creature deck environment more than
Seige-Gang.  When Scourge hit, this guy flew into every goblin deck that was
ever built, making the deck-type sick beyond belief.

There is simply not much to say bad about this card.  You could argue a 2/2
for 5cc is bad, but understand its closer to a 5/5 since you get little
minions to boot.  The card would almost be good enough with just that, but
then they added a extra special ability that makes this guy the most feared
in all Gob Decks (next to piledriver against a pschotog deck...) He can
launch ANY gobin (not just the three he creates) to do 2 damage a peace.
This ability is overly powerfull. It turns your deck of goblins into a deck
of Gurilla Tactics (shocks cost less :-P) Now a Goblin deck can run far less
burn and more goblins since they'll be doing double duty.

One of the kids, here in Minneapolis, plays a gobin Slide deck and nothings
funnier than watching him slide the Commander out every turn for an
additional 3 goblins... how fun!

In limited, almost just as sick as constructed.  It comes down to 4
creatures for one, and at LEAST 4 creature removals packed together.
Probably my first pick if going red.

Constructed: 4.8
Limited: 4.0


Siege-Gang Commander

I've used this in a deck around Mana Echoes. Warbreak Trumpeter, the
Commander, and other such cards are used to generate a huge amount of mana.
Then I use the mana to kill with a large Firebolt, Firecat Blitz, or the S-G
Commanders ability to sac goblins and deal damage.

I also use this card in my goblin decks. With a Gobln Warchief out this is

S-G Commander
Casual Rating: 3.7

 Van Zandt

Siege Gang Commander
In onslaught block limited especially (with the two toughness mark being the
standard),  this guy wins games.  2-4 creatures killed for one card, plus
being a very efficient turn five play, plus the potential to burn your
opponent out.  In constructed,  I expect him to maybe worm his way into some
red based control decks,  in addition to the goblin rush decks he's already
a vital part of (along with the warchief).
constructed - 3.4
limited -3.7

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