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Unholy Grotto 
Onslaught Rare

Reviewed April 7, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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People are just now starting to realize the fundamental truth about Onslaught Block - scrubby decks are good!  Clerics, Elves, Zombies, Goblins, and Wizards are just some of the main creature feature decks that are not just for bad players now.  You will play what WotC tells you to play.  They want creature theme decks, and here they are.  So the Unholy Grotto, what otherwise seems like a horrid piece of trash, becomes one of the perfect recursion mechanisms for Zombies.  And zombies sure do have some players than don't mine being recurred.  Flipping back on top your newly killed Skinthinner is the first one I can think of.  Rotlungs, usually reserved for Cleric decks, become a single-man token generating machine when it keeps coming back.  Plus, when they kill your big, fat Soulless one, bring it back for more fun.  It doesn't end there, but my examples will.  You only need one, but sometimes it's all about improving the quality of your draws - especially is Graveborn Muse is on the prowl.

In limited, it's even better.  If you have some good zombies, knowing that they can and will keep coming back is always great.  Limited environments can result in several dead turns in a row.  If they're dead for your opponent, but you're drawing Zombies, the odds are they're gonna be the one dead next.

Constructed: 4.25
Limited: 4.5
Current Price:


Great in Zombie decks, of course (kinda silly otherwise, eh?).  I can see this being pivotal if you need to reuse certain Zombies, for instance if you are cycling Gempalm Polluters.

In limited, if you have some good Zombies, I'd include it.

Constructed: 3.75
Limited: 2.75

Judge Bill

Unholy Grotto
This first card I picked based on my FNM experiences over the past couple of weeks. Although I think it is a tier 2 deck, I think there will be some people playing Zombies at Regionals, so one of the questions you may want to ask about the deck you're going to play is, "Do you care if your opponent starts recycling Rotlung Reanimators, Withered Wretches, or Cabal Archons? If so, what can you do about it?"
This is one of the cards that makes the zombie archetype go. The ability to reuse a zombie is very strong. Even redrawing a Gempalm Polluter isn't the worst thing with this card. If you're playing zombies, I feel this is a must have.
In limited, if you have a zombie that you would want to reuse (Rotlung/Archon/Skinthinner etc.), sure. Otherwise, I doubt I would play this.
Constructed: 4.5 (in the zombie deck)
Limited: 2.25

 Van Zandt

Unholy Grotto
Volrath's stronghold was good, and while this isn't quite as strong, it's
cheaper and not legendary.  Very important in zombie decks, as it ensures
you always have one of several important resources - withered wretch, the
muse, or gempalm polluter.  In limited it can be amazing with a skinthinner.
limited - 3.5
constructed - 3.1
Scott Sager Unholy Grotto

Lately I've been getting smashed (game 1 anyway) by the new zombie decks that are abusing the crap out of this card and a select few zombies.  I think once November rolls around and Odyssey block rotates out this card will get the respect it deserves.

Ltd.: Great in zombie decks (obvious), crap anywhere else (also obvious).

Constructed:  3

Limited:  2

Danny Tatro

Unholy Grotto

       This card is good in draft giving you endless use of your zombies, except you have to waste your draw on it and recast it. Late game you could pull a endless skin thinner combo. But for a land its ability is extremely useful in limited.

     In constructed maybe only in block. Even there I think there are much superior decks than zombies. Cycle Gempalm Polluter every turn? I dunno lol, sounds more like a fun deck.

Limited: 3.5
Constructed: 1.5


Unholy Grotto

Unholy Grotto's a card that is not a horribly great card, especially
considering that it is only good in a zombie deck.  Zombie decks, while fun,
aren't exactly tier one in Type 2 at the moment, and I doubt barring a
miracle will ever be.

Fortunately, when you look at it in a much different light, it has potential
in a fun deck, and here's how:

Zombie Infestation + Gempalm Polluter + Unholy Grotto = Not Nice Combo

Outside of ridiculous and circumstancial combo's like the one above (which I
might be dumb enough to play for the fun of it), this card is the kind that
is a last pick in a draft, and is a $0.25 throw in when trading.  You try
and pawn it off onto people instead of trading for it.

In draft, it's much the same, except a lot more circumstancial, a lot more
potent when used right, but in the end not a high pick.  It's a good card if
you're playing black, but not a pick that goes before 7th or 8th.

Constructed (T2) - 2.0/5.0
Limited - 2.2/5.0

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