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Echo Tracer 
Legions Common

Reviewed April 22, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Echo Tracer

Constructed: 2
Limited: 4
Current Price:


Echo Tracer - At the very worst, this card is a Gray Ogre. At it's very best, it's a Grey Ogre that can play really cool tricks.  Get rid of a pesky enchantment on your creature or your opponents.  Bounce one creature that is double blocking yours to kill the other and save yours.  Save one of your creatures from death after damage is on the stack so it may live to see another casting.  Lots of fun uses, which makes Echo Tracer very versatile and usable in draft and sealed deck. While it's probably not a constructed card, it's great in limited, and you would probably play it if you're going blue. Not a first pick, but an early to mid pick gem in draft.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 4

Judge Bill

As with all of the morph triggered abilities in Legions, this is just too slow for constructed. Sorry.
In limited, there is a debate on whether you would rathe have this, or Mistform Seaswift. The Seaswift flies, true. But since blue is  typically underdrafted, since it sucks so much in Onslaught, I think you can count on this coming anywhere from 1st-4th pick, if not later, depending on what was in the other blue drafter's packs he saw. I'll take this, for the tricks it gives you, over the Seaswift.
Constructed: 1
Limited: 4

 Van Zandt

Echo Tracer
It's not Man o war, but it can do tricks to preserve itself, so this guy may
see some constructed play too.  One of blue's best tools in limited that
doesn't fly or draw cards,  but not a game breaker.
constructed 3
limited 3.3


Echo Tracer a 2/2 for 3 or for 6 mana I can bounce a creature. Not all that great but an ability with some useful tricks.


Constructed Okay I guess, playable 2.00


Limited Better here since Morph creatures are so strong 2.85


PEZ Look to other cards like Man-o-War or Capsize 2.10

Danny Tatro

Echo Tracer

       Nothing much in constructed...

       In limited Hes a bit expensive for what he does, but he can gain you back tempo against the right thing or block, then damage on the stack return himself to your hand. Although you have to skip a turn to use his ability early game. Late gamer he can save your beast, or remove your opponent's. Overall a solid card.

Constructed: 1
Limited: 3


Echo Tracer

Echo Tracer, I have to admit, is one of my favorite cards out of a set that
I otherwise hated.

Its Morph effect is one of the better ones, bouncing a creature when flipped
face up.  When I saw this card, I saw a weird new form of Repulse. 
Unfortunately, this card is slow, and with an effect that isn't going to
break the game in your favor in constructed since the Type II format is more
about tempo and speed than control.  He would be mediocre in a control deck

In limited, he's not a first pick, but he's a solid addition to anyones deck
if played.  Bouncing a creature does a whole lot of things for you, helping
you either clear the path, or save a creature of your own.  Not to mention,
he's the first fairly costed bounce in this block that will see play in
limited, simply because he can move at instant speed.

Constructed - 2.0/5.0 (Not powerful enough to break the game, and really to
slow to make a difference.  Has potential though.)
Limited - 4.0/5.0 (Saves creatures, helps you break Backslide even more, and
can get rid of a potential hazard.  Instant speed bounce, w00t! Wizards
threw us a frickin' bone!)

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