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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Sliver Queen 
Stronghold Rare

Reviewed April 18, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Sliver Queen

Constructed: 4
Limited: 1.5
Current Price:


The Queen has always been a very popular card.  I used to think her price was high when she was $12 a few months ago.  As soon as word got out that there were Slivers in the Legions set, her price shot through the roof! And, even at $27 a pop, we still can't keep her in stock, as she flies out the door even at that price! Amazing.

In constructed, she can be quite the force. A huge 7/7 all on her own, by the time you cast her, her minions are already there to enhance her as she comes into play.  She makes an already fearsome army into an almost unstoppable force, as she continues to churn out more and more minions.  You'll even see her earn a place in non-Sliver deck sideboards as a metagame against opponent's Sliver decks. She's that good.

In limited, she's just not playable because of the 5 color casting cost, but I'd grab her in a minute as her monetary value pays for your draft and more.

Constructed: 4.5
Limited: 1 as a playable, 5 as a money rare

Judge Bill

To end the week, a card that has gained in popularity with the release of Legions. The old slivers were much better, though. And you almost never cast this, instead reanimating it, or making it a secondary target for Natural Order (after Verdant Force, of course).
Still, if you get this out, the creature she will provide you will quickly overpower your opponent.
This almost never gets played in limited. You can't reliably cast her, at least not in the Rath Cycle limited environment.
Constructed: 4.5
Limited: 1.5

 Van Zandt

Sliver Queen
I actually like this card.  5 mana for a 7/7 is much better than what you
get for atogatog,  and she's got an infinitely better special ability.  On
par with Verdant force in my eyes,  plus she can occasionally provide you
with something to do with infinite mana.  And she herself is a sliver,
bonus!  Too expensive in limited in a block that's not invasion,  and
requires a very specific deck in constructed to be good, unfortunately.
constructed 2.8
limited 2


Sliver Queen – Most Sliver decks are 5-color anyway and a 7/7 alone is good enough. Add to this creature type Sliver and a Sliver generator and you have the favorite card of a whole generation of Magic players. I always preferred faster Sliver decks or Control Sliver decks that didn’t use all the colors (plus I was cheap). Even so this card can be a powerhouse and is a classic card.


Constructed – Better use it here because it just isn’t the same in limited – 4.45


Limited – If you are running 5 colors you are going to lose even if you have the Queen – 1.15

Scott Sager
Sliver Queen
Easier to get into play now that they've printed Crystal Quarry.  This can produce a bunch of tokens quickly, plus it and it's spawn all get the bonusses of any other slivers that might be in play.  Pretty much confined to sliver decks, but what did you expect with the name Sliver Queen.
Limited:  Tempest block limited this thing could be crazy-go-nuts.  Anywhere else (Invasion block being the exception)...BLAH....5 color requirement = the suck.
Constructed:  1.5 (3.5 in sliver decks)
Limited:  2.5

Danny Tatro

Sliver Queen

       Her casting cost is hard to pay, but shes hard to deal with if she hits play. Mainly since she breeds tons of 1/1s at a relatively cheap cost. Although she never has really seen serious play, so nuff said here. She could be in some kind of combo deck because of her ability though... but nothing serious seen yet.

       In limited: Shes a 5 color casting cost... making here practically impossible to get her into play without screwing your deck over. A no go here unless you have some way to get that kind of mana, which in this format is a no.

Constructed: 3 (With possibility of combo-ability.)
Limited: 2 (You techincally 'could' cast her in which she'd be nuts.)


Sliver Queen

It costs all five colors..... 'nuf said.

Unfortunately for me, this review will have to go much deeper.  The fact
that it can make slivers (which will get all the bonuses of the ones around
them) is a huge plus, which propels Sliver Queen over all the other
5-colored creatures.

It's also a large body to put into a sliver deck, something that a sliver
deck really could use.  It also makes Coalition Victory playable in some
sick, twisted, disgusting, and idiotic alternate dimension where it might
actually be playable.

It's pitfall is the fact that it costs 5 colors, and can weind up sitting in
your hand waiting to be played.  It can be a godsent on 5th turn and a pitch
pile of trash at others.

In limited, I refrain to the top:  It costs all 5 colors... 'nuf said.

Constructed - 2.8/5.0
Limited - 1.0/5.0

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