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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Wrath of Hasbro 
Really Rare

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Wrath of Hasbro

When Wrath of Hasbro comes into play, sacrifice 5 Wizards of the Coast Employees or sacrifice Wrath of Hasbro.

At the beginning of your upkeep, put a counter on Wrath of Hasbro.

At the end of your upkeep, target player sacrifices 1 Wizard of the Coast employee for each counter on Wrath of Hasbro.

Lose Control of Pokemon to Nintendo: Target opponent must sacrifice 1/3 of all Wizards of the Coast employees.

"And they said it wasn't a 'Hostle Takeover'"

Reviewed April 1, 2003

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This is a super rare Promo card to commemorate Hasbro buying out Wizards of the Coast.  The card has long been kept a secret....until now.  We have been able to secure one of only 3 copies that were ever printed.  The card, very simple and even unglued in nature, shows what would be the future demise of Wizards of the Coast once the Hasbro Corporate Machine got a hold of it. 

The card is playable, though.

Since "Wizards" and "Wizards of the Coast Employee" are considered the same creature type in the Oracle (Look it up!  It is!), this is the most ridiculous anti-Wizard sideboard card ever made.  Even if you're not running Wizards yourself, all you have to do is run Riptide Replicator or Volrath's Laboratory to make them.  At 7 mana, you own the game.  Sac 5, and bring in the big bad booty daddy of hosers.  There is nothing your opponent will be able to do except sit there and cry like a little girl.  They just lose.  Within a couple of turns, the board is clear.

As this card was never printed in a booster pack, they never had to worry about it's limited impact, and thus never playtested it for that environment.

Constructed: 47
Limited: N/A
Current Price:


This is a MUST PLAY!  I have never felt so strongly about any other card. If you don't play it in every deck, then you should just quit Magic.  I mean, what the heck is wrong with you!!  I will personally come track down every player that doesn't have this in their deck and rip up their Black Lotuses.  Got it, bub?  Don't take the car!! You'll killllll yourself!!!!!   Just goes to show you... uh... whatever.

: x

Constructed:  2x + 4z/r = SnC
Limited: Only by your imagination

Judge Bill

This card shows the incalculable costs of Hasbro's buyout of WOTC. The Wizards deck just took a big hit, as you can't keep Kai around any more to prevent your opponent's dirty deeds. And with the loss of Pokemon, your army takes a further hit. No way I would play Wizards in any environment with this. It's just too strong.
Rating: $millions and millions

 Van Zandt

Wrath of Hasbro
Yeah it's rough when people get a hold of stuff and start throwing their
weight around.
constructed - bad for everyone
limited - yeah


Wrath of Hasbro has no in game effect and if left in play too long it completely removes any chance we have of seeing any new sets, let alone the long anticipated Unglued II.


Constructed – If you already have enough cards and don’t feel like collecting more or keeping up with new sets you may as well – 4.20


Limited – Hard to cast and if you are playing limited chances are you like to see some new sets – 0.00

Scott Sager Wrath of Hasbro 

I'm not sure the new WotC combo deck is Tier I, but this is amazing in the mirror.  A bit overpriced, but it gets the job done.

Ltd.:  Combo is impossible to pull off unless you happen to draft all 12 pieces.

Constructed:  3

Limited: 0.5


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