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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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Ball Lightning 
The Dark
Blistering Firecat

Blistering Firecat
At end of turn, burn Blistering Firecat
Morph: RR

Reviewed September
5, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This Weeks Card Selector: 

My Wife :)

We all know Ball Lightning is good.  3 mana for 6 damage is great.  What about this new one from Onslaught.  Pay 1 more mana, deal 1 more damage, and can have a bear in the meanwhile.  Time will tell.  Being able to serve, then morph for 7 is brutal.  I hate to make too strong an opinion yet.  I think it's definately good in both limited and constructed.  How good is yet to be seen.


Blistering Firecat is without a doubt the closest Wizards has ever come to Ball Lightning redux. It is essentially THE original, with a slight mana/power tweak and the new Morph mechanic. They are both good in exactly the same constructed deck, and the only question is whether or not that deck is good in Type 2. The answer is a resounding "Maybe." Green fat is good right now, and green fat has always been what kills Sligh. The extra point of trample damage doesn't do much good against a 6/6 Player Rewards token.
Without knowing more of the contents of Onslaught, it simply isn't possible to make a definite prediction here.

In Limited, both cards are mediocre. Lava Axe has always been a 23rd card in draft or sealed decks, and Ball Lightning is simply a more color-intensive Lava Axe that can be blocked. The Firecat is a bit better, if only because it can serve as a vanilla 2/2 for a while before it morphs either as a finisher or to take down a more valuable creature in combat.

Constructed: Both 4 on an absolute scale, possibly less relative to environment
Limited: Ball Lightning 1.5, Firecat 2.5


If this creature is real it is great. Pay 3 for a 2/2, next turn pay 2 and get a 7/1 haste guy with trample=some good. Yes Ball Lightning was better because he cost only RRR for a 6/1. Will you ever see anything in Red that good again? because red never gets good cards...maybe R&D made a mistake here. Playable in all formats. Aside question does Morph also go backwards ie, after damage can you pay 2 turn him back into a 2/2 ? I don't think so but it would be funny.
Constructed 4 (not a 5 cus red is no lover of the 4 drop)
Limited 5

Judge Bill

Ball Lightning. The classic "large" creature for Sligh. This, in combination with Fireblast, has finished off many an opponent. Even though it only stays around one turn, doing 6 damage for 3 mana is typically pretty good.
Now we have a "new" Ball Lightning - Blistering Firecat. You have to play one colorless mana more in its mana cost, but you get an extra point of power. This is big, as it would take you 4 Ball Lightnings to kill an opponent if they were the only things that damaged the opponent, but it only takes 3 Blistering Firecats. However, the extra colorless mana means you typically have to wait one extra turn to put it out, and that gives you opponent more of a chance to respond.
If that was the only way you could play it, that is. Blistering Firecat has Morph. This means you can put him face down on the third turn, then pay his Morph cost the fourth turn, attack for 7, and still have 2 mana to do something.
Blistering Firecat having Morph will also help against the classic Sligh foil in extended: Chill. You can play the Firecat for its Morph cost, and you will not have to pay the 2 extra colorless mana, as face down cards and spells have no color.
It will depend on the viability of Sligh in the New Extended, but, if there's a person playing Sligh, I see him playing a mix of Ball Lightnings and Blistering Firecats, with the mix dependant on how blue heavy the field is. The more blue, the more Firecats and the less Ball Lightnings.
In limited, this is a great creature too. First of all, you will frequently see people play cards they have no way to morph, just to get a couple of warm bodies. And if you can morph this, it will frequently put a large life swing on a game. And that's always a Good Thing (tm).
Type 2: 4.5 (I see Sligh getting good again, with this as its cornerstone)
New Extended: 3-4 (Dependant on how blue heavy the field is - the more blue, the higher its rating)
Limited: 4


This card has a lot of potential, and will see play in a lot of decks
because it kills speed.  It would be one better if it was a cantrip, but
that's not something to complain about.  This card is good as a speed
killer, and a way to kill tokens, cards like Spectral Lynx, and such
with ease.  The problem is that all the brutes, such as Mystic Enforcer,
and in Extended Masticore, Morphling, etc all cost 4+.   So, while it is
a good speed killer, it has it's pitfalls.  A 3/5 in Type 2.

In limited, it's in the middle.  Removal, but removal of the small
cards.  It will see play, but isn't a first pick.  A middle pick, and a
3/5 in limited. 

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