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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Reviewed September 3, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This Weeks Card Selector: 

My Wife :)

I have an unfair advantage - I can see my fellow reviewers works before I write my own review.  I have the following to say:

What's the big deal?

Is Upheaval good?  Yes.  Is it format defining?  Yes.  Why is it more so that Jokulhaups or Obliterate was?  Both were solid cards, but never were played with the dominance this card does, not to mention that a well played 'haups or Oblit would cripple an opponent trying to scramble for mana.  With this, they know they can just drop a land next turn.  

Don't get me wrong - this card is ridiculously good, and I certainly think it's a 4.5 overall, and 5 in T2, but I think people need to stop whining about how this card is broken and needs to be banned.  It's good, but it's 6 mana.  Plus, even at 6 mana, that's not enough.  You usually need at least 8-9 mana on the board when this thing goes off to make it effective.  I'd like to remind everyone that there were a lot of 9 CC spells that could win games that never got played.  They were called "The Prophecy Winds" and people said they cost too much.  Sorry, I'm not real kosher on the idea of banning a card that needs 9 mana to win.

In limited, it's sick.  It wins.  Wait until you can't wait anymore, 'heave, drop mucho threats, smile, point, and laugh

Constructed - 4.5
Limited - 5
Current Price - $7.45


One day the Blue Worshippers at R and D were looking for a way to continue making blue the dominant color in Magic. They had, of course, been doing this for years and were distraught that blue still hadn't achieved such a status after making Morphling, Force of Will, Tolarian Academy, and blocks with 4-8 playable counterspells. So they said "What if we steal great abilities that should belong to red or white or black and make them blue?" So they took Wrath of God, Obliterate, Mutilate, and many other cards which had mass LD or Removal abilities and made them bounce abilities so that blue could have them and called it Upheaval. Then they said let's take that Psychatog card and make it U/B instead of R/B so it will be a dominating card in an entire format for over a year and our big blue god will be happy and we get to screw people who play red decks again. This happened and we all suffered.
Constructed-4.25 overall 5 in current T2


Upheaval is just a HUGE mistake to have been made.  I
believe it is more format defining currently than Fact
or Fiction, and its power will only increase after the
block shift.  Cards simply need to be able to deal
with Upheaval, or they won't cut it.  That is what
usually makes for a banned card in most formats.

In Limited, this thing is just as big of a monster.
Anytime you run into trouble, you can swing the game
back in your favor by casting this and following it up
with some random creature.

Constructed: 5
Limited: 5

Judge Bill

This is the real problem with the Psychatog decks. Their ability to bounce all permanents, then drop their win condition makes any deck not running counters lose. I think this should have at least cost 8 mana ({6}{U}{U} or {5}{U}{U}{U}), and probably more like 10. That way, they have to have an ungodly amount of mana on the board to play their Tog afterwards. In its current form, I think it needs to be banned in type 2. Hopefully, Onslaught will change the format enough such that this is not necessary.
In limited, this is just as sick. Wait for the late game stall, then heave and play 4 or more of your creatures. Just sick.
Constructed: 5 (because I can't give it any higher)
Limited: 5 (Ditto)


Limited: 4
Constructed: 4 1/2

Upheaval is a really great card.  And quite annoying
as well.  In limited, I think it's good, just not as
good in constructed since you can't really build your
deck around it.  And I've always liked reset buttons
in limited.  In constructed, you of course have
UpFestation and Tog to look at if you can't tell the
power of this card.  Tinker is running it in some
cases as well.

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