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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Convalescent Care 

Reviewed November 4, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Judge Bill

It's life gain, and card advantage. But the times I think I'd find myself
between 1 and 5 life during my upkeep would be small. Maybe if I mana burn
for 1 or 2, but otherwise, I think I'd already be dead. I don't think this
card will ever see play, and rightfully so.

In limited, it's just about as bad. Don't play it.

Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 2


A powerful effect although you do have to be on deaths door to use it. I can see that U/W may use this card as lots of control decks see this life range way too often and are just about to take control of the game before they die. Convalescent care may give them an extra turn to take control which could make all the difference. Of limited use in other decks though. A 3.5 in constructed.

I like this in limited. Card drawing is always a good thing and the extra life is nothing to sneeze at either. A 4 in limited.

John Hornberg

Convalescent Care is kind of a pointless card.  Three life and a card are good, but the problem is that, if you are put below 5 life, you are either being stomped mercilessly into the ground so badly that 3 life will not save you, and the card had better be Wrath of God, or you are in a war of attrition that you are losing,and where you wish that enchantment would go off more often to save shift the game.  

The problem with this card is that it only goes off when it is suppose to save you, but it is 99% of the time not worth it.  You are being pounded mercilessly, and 3 life does you nothing, or you need it to do more than 3 life and give you a card to shift the game.  Not to mention if you let yourself get below 5 life in a game, you're probably far gone anyways.

In limited, it's the same deal, except if you are at 5 life or less, unless the game is incredibly close, you are dead no matter how much life the card gives you.  Covalecent Care's problem is that it is a useless card that doesn't change the tide of a game enough to be played in any real sense.

Constructed (Type II) - 1.5 (Extended) - 1.0

Limited (Draft - There is always better on the first two passes) - 1.5, (Sealed - It's near the bottom of the play list, but above some of the crap in Onslaught) - 2.0

Danny Tatro

       COTD-Friday-"Convalesent Care"

       In constructed this doesn't really have much use since being at that life total isnt recommended without Worship or something. In limited this card is really good if you can play it. It always make your opponent rethink about damaging you without killing you in one turn, since you'll get 3 life back and a card. Drawing the extra card also gives you more creatures faster than your opponent, so this card really helps you win the race. Especially since its white and clerics can be used to stop damage that could kill you since when using this you'll be at 8 or less most of the time, on your opponents turn.

       I also played this in draft, and every time it got played it was the reason I won the race. Eventually your opponent won't bother attacking you if they can't kill you or gain advantage to a certain degree, since you get constant card advantage if they just damage you. Which will let you really get the upper hand on them. 

Constructed: 2 (Maybe theres a few freaky combos somewhere with this card?)
Limited: 4.5

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