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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Onslaught Fetch Lands 

Reviewed Oct. 22, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Judge Bill

The filter lands first debuted in Mirage. Then, they came into play tapped, so you couldn't use the mana the turn the fetch land was played.
Now, Onslaught gives us the mana immediately, at the measly cost of one life. These are great for any 2 color deck, and might just be good for 3 color decks. In a 2 color deck, you can run 4 of the painland, and 4 of these. I see them getting a lot of play, and many people complaining about mana screw when they don't include enough non-filter lands in their decks.
In limited, they're just as good. Even if you are only playing one of the colors, play it. It thins your deck out, which helps you draw more business spells.
Constructed: 5
Limited: 5


I believe that R&D has done a good thing by making this new group of lands. The ability to obtain a color you need for 1 life is very fair and the fact that you do not have to take continuous pain for obtain that color (like City of Brass or the IBC duals) makes sense to me. I believe this will be played quite a bit.
Constructed 5
Limited 4 (Good when you need them but it is doubtful you can ever get more than 1)
--- Rob Lawing


Wow! Every deck should use these. Here's why.

Almost all decks want lots of land at the start of the game in order to have enough mana to cast all their spells. Later on when they have enough mana they of course don't really want to draw as much land. The only way to achieve this is the reduce the proportion of land in your deck as the game progresses. By searching for lands right out of your deck, the fetch lands do this very nicely. And they can fetch two different types of land!

Any two coloured deck (that uses allied colours) will use 4 of these and you may even see some mono-coloured deck playing them for the reason described above. They get a 4.5 in constructed.

In limited, its an extra land that might give you one or two of your colours. Of course, it may give you none of your colours and turn out to be completely
useless. A 3 in limited. 

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