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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

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Akroma's Vengeance 
Onslaught  Rare

Reviewed October 21, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Six is a lot, but I still see the card getting played.  It has cycling so you can run through it early or when not needed.  You don't play it over Wrath, but in addition to it.  I think people may be surprised when U/W shows up with this thing and blows up the world with it.

In limited, it's a first pick and an obvious game-swinger.  Even a reason to play white if you're not already.

Limited: 5

Judge Bill

So here is the block Wrath. At 6 mana, it is really more of a Nevinyrral's Disk than a wrath. The cycling is a nice bonus, but I hardly ever see it being used. This will get played in block, and that's about it. The control decks looking for a 5th Wrath will use Kirtar's Wrath instead, since the control player may have a random Compulsion or something like that out.
In limited, it's a Wrath. I'd play it, as it has the definite possibility of saving me.
Constructed: 1.5
Limited: 3


Purify and Wrath of God rolled into one! Apart form
the fact that this card doesn't bury creatures (it
only destroys them whigh means they can regenerate),
the real thing that will stop this card from seeing
play is its casting cost. There are so many fast deck
around at the moment that waiting until turn 6 for
your wrath of god is unacceptable. The only deck this
card could fit into is U/W millstone. Unfortunately,
when invasion rotates out it will take fact or fiction
with it which leaves the only good blue card drawing
spell (apart from read the runes) will be compulsion
which dies when you play Akroma's vengeance. A 2 in
Standard constructed.

In block constructed if you want a wrath of god effect
you pretty much have to play this card so it will see
some use. A 3.5 in onslaught block constructed.

I'll give this card a 3 when your behind on permanents
playing the vengeance will help you, when your ahead
it will harm you.


When I first heard of this card, I heard of it as, "The new Disk."

I really don't think it is.  It certainly is solid, though, and it is
very useful.  If is a draft bomb, 99.9% of the time taken first.  It
will be rare that you find a better card in the pack. 

In constructed, six mana is hefty for just about anything.  thsi effect
could be worth it, but it isn't the new disk because it's limited to
white, it is 6 mana, it's a sorcery, and there's no sitting for a turn.
 This card will see play with Wrath of God if U/W catches on, which is
almost certainly will with that stupid Mobilization deck catching wind
right now.

Outside of Type II, I don't think it will see play.  Too many alternatives.

Constructed (Type II) - 3
Constructed (Non Type II) - 1.5
Limited - 5

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