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Trade Secrets 
Onslaught  Rare

Reviewed October 2, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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I feel like this card has "combo" written all over it.  You can draw at LEAST 4 cards for 3 mana.  This could fuel a lot of things, like a Wild Mongrel (yes, I note the double blue in this things Casting Cost) or other combo device using lots of cards in the hand.  In the end, it will be interesting to see what deck(s) this goes into.  Certainly not for everyone, but the decks that find a way to abuse it will REALLY find a way to abuse it.

In limited, why not.  You will gain card advantage, and odds are you'll draw your berserk bomb before they do.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 4

Judge Bill

This is the other good card drawer in Onslaught. Note, I didn't say great. This is because this is crap against any burn deck, and most other aggressive decks. However, if they can't turn the cards into an immediate gain, this is gold. I like it, but its effectiveness is still to be seen.
In limited, Words of Wisdom got played, and this is twice as good. Play it. Also, this is an alternate way to deck them, much like Deep Analysis was, since they have to draw the first 2, and you don't have to draw any. Just something to think about for those long games.
Constructed: 3
Limited: 3.5


This card is getting some hype but I just don't see why. The card which is a blue sorcery for 1 UU lets your opponent draw 2 and you draw up to 4 cards and your opponent can repeat this as much as he wants. So you can get at least 4 cards and your opponent can get all he wants until he finds the card that kicks the crap out of you. Sure you get lots of cards but so does he and he controls the effect. There may be some wacky combo out there that makes this good, but until I see it I will regard this as a marginal rare card at best.
Constructed 1.5
Limited 1


Well its a card drawing machine but you had better be careful when using it. Firstly, its a sorcery meaning you probably won't get to play many of the cards you draw before you have to discard them. Your opponent on the other hand can untap and then has a chance to play his cards before he has to discard any of them.Also, as your opponent decides how many times to "repeat the
process", he could draw almost all of his deck. You could be facing a 20/20 wild mongrel, 4 basking rootwallas and an arrogant all on turn 3!

That being said, its still a really powerful way to draw cards, so long as you don't let your opposition take advantage of it. A 4 against the right deck, a 2 against the wrong one.

This is poor in limited IMO. You play trade secrets, opponent draws cards until he gets his "bomb". Then he plays his bomb and you scoop. A 2 in limited.

Mad Hatter

Trade Secrets:
    Yet more broken blue card drawing ability. However, due to the ability of one's opponent to allow both players to basically draw out their entire deck, I think that it may not see as much play as some of the other blue cards from the set. Also, when your opponent has out one of the Words cards (which allows them to gain an alternate benefit instead of drawing a card, like life gain in case of the white one, or a 2/2 bear in the case of the green one), then you would absolutely not want to play the card.

Jon Mathews

Trade Secrets
Many are calling this card the best in the set, I tend to agree. This card is pretty good for the fact that you get 4 cards, but your opponent gets 2, possibly
getting them the win condition. But it is a small drawbeck to get yours. The only problem with it is that it is a sorcery. I see it making a strong presence in constructed.

Constructed Rating: 4/5
Limited Rating: 4/5
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