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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Reviewed Oct. 18, 2002

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Judge Bill

And finally, it's a blue Friday. This was one of the more discussed votes, as you could either untap the lands or draw a card for 4 mana. The untapping of lands won out, and although I liked the choice at first, it's soured on me as time has gone by. Yes, you get the 4 lands back, but how often does that matter? I have to say, not very often. And it's worse if you play against another blue deck.
But, the choice has been made, and we get to untap lands for 4 mana. Mind you, it's not totally crap, but there is very little way to abuse the mechanic. So it's just a counterspell that stops other sorcery spells, as they'll cast any instants anyway while the original spell is waiting to be countered so you can untap the lands.
In limited, it's a counterspell. Not much more to say.
Constructed: 2.5
Limited: 2



Today I present a review followed by a rant.


Its what I call an unconditional counterspell (it counters everything everytime unlike circular logic or remove soul) so that makes it good. Sure it untaps
land, but that is only useful if you actually use the land for something else. Unfortunately, blueís usual use for unspent mana at the end of their opponents
turn is card drawing and the quality of blue card drawing has dropped significantly lately. Therefore, the value of rewind drops as well. A 3.5 in constructed.
In limited you can counter your opponentís bomb, so it gets a 4.


Why did people choose rewind over dismiss!!?? When did people start hating traditional card advantage? Dismiss is a classic card for control decks and not
having it in the card pool is a real shame; not because itís a really good card (although it is) but because itís a simple card that teaches people how to play the game well and not having it will harm future control decks. My suspision is that he problem stems from the fact that traditional control is not such a popular strategy in type 2 tournaments (even the U/W decks played recently were designed to beat psychatog and were more about life gain than control).

Here endeth the rant.

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