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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
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Doubtless One 
Onslaught UnCommon

Reviewed Nov. 5, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Judge Bill

The classic white Avatar. Clerics, which are a big part of white, and life gain, which everyone loves. I just don't see it in constructed though. This thing costs 4 mana, and has no evasion. If it even hits the table at all, it won't stay long.

In limited, it's the usual story. If you're playing enough clerics (I would say 3+) and are playing white, play this.

Constructed: 2
Limited: Sealed: 3
Draft: 3.5


Doubtless One is a card I'm not real sure what to make of. If a deck has lots of Clerics then it seems to be a decent creature with Spirit Link thrown in, but I can't think of too many cards with a similar power/toughness scheme that have been really good in constructed decks before. Tribes may turn out to be crucial in this set for block but T2 doesn't seem to be radically altered by tribes. The same applies to limited i.e., if you get lots of clerics it's good, if not you have a dead 4 drop in your hand.

Constructed 2
Limited 2.5


Ouch. Apart from the fact that she's got a spirit link attached, there are so many clerics in the new set (including the black ones) and doubtless one gives a cleric deck a pretty nasty kill mechanism. Plus, this card is also a cleric herself so she's always at least a 1/1. A 4 in constructed.

In limited you'll be lucky to get enough clerics to make her really big, but she'll still have the spirit link. A 2 in limited.

Danny Tatro

COTD-Tues-"Doubtless One"

       This is definetly not a constructed card, maybe a big game card, and definetly a draft card. If your playing lots of clerics, mainly the "X" prevent ones, this guy is a win condition. Not only will he _not_ be able to die via all clerics prevent damage, but he also helps win the race since you'll be gaining mounds of life. Remember when deciding to play clerics and you have this guy(maybe 2 of him if your lucky.)- don't accidently draft loads of clerics, just to find out half of them are actually soldiers.
       If your not playing clerics, however, this guy is a 100% passable, unless you have secret tech on whos playing clerics and hate draft it. Its usually not worthy of a hate draft if theres something you can use in the pack.

Constructed: 1
Limited: 3.5

John Hornberg

Doubtless One is a must for any Cleric deck. It gains a lot of life if
it can ever get through, not to mention the two white creature types
(soldiers and clerics) both have a lot of weenies. This creature has
the potential to get very big, and gain you a lot of life, but whether
or not it will ever get through is questionable, and even more iffy with
Mobilization running rampant in the format.

Unfortunately for this critter, he is too limited to white, not to
mention just clerics. Since a Cleric deck lacks any fighting skill what
so ever, this guy becomes an automatic target since it is the only
offense that will be in a Cleric Weenie deck. Otherwise, he's useless.
A 4cc 1/1 with pointless abilities has no place in any deck. Cleric
Weenie, unfortunately, should not see a lot of play because it lacks
killer instinct. Preventing damage is good, but when you deal no damage
in the process you leave yourself oepn to being easily controlled with
anything that runs 4 Counterspells, or can control your creatures. A
1.5 out 5 in constructed.

In limited, it's iffy. If you are in white, and you have at least 6
clerics (or intend to get that many), he's a good pick. Otherwise,
Doubtless One can cycle the table harmlessly down to the last pick.
It's a 5 to 10 pick on average, and will only go on the first go round
if the person is playing white with a good amount of clerics. A 2.5 in

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