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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Quiet Speculation

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 4.00 (6 Reviews)
Limited: 2.40 (4 Reviews)
Reviewed May 20, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Quiet Speculation is on many people's lips as being Restricted or Banned shortly after Release. If you don't understand why, let me explain. You put 3 flashback cards in your graveyard. Flashback cards are cards that you can cast from your graveyard. Its essentially allowing you to 'draw' 3 cards for U1. Not bad. Especially when the cards that you put into your graveyard are going to be 6/6 Wurms (Roar) and draw even MORE cards for U1. 

In Limited, it does not have true power where decks can't really be centered around it, but it can be very good, deserving a 3. 

A 5 in Constructed easily.


Quiet Speculation
There have been a few cards that are so broken that DCI had to ban or drastically errata them quickly. This is one that will be block banned and maybe banned in standard as well. It is grossly undercosted even at 5 it would be playable and at 4 it would be a good value but it costs 1U. There are so many things to flashback cheaply that I can't name them all but with Roar of the Wurm, for example, you get to have 3 6/6 creature at a total cost of 6, 4, and respectively and you can have them on turn 4. Suffice to say in an environment where most removal is costly either in terms of mana or cards in the graveyard, this card is broken. In limited it is still broken just a little less so due to card pool limits. Zvi has written a great article about how ridiculous this card is and I recommend it to you.
Rant-Remember folks that Incinerate at 1R is broken according to this R&D group but QSpec gets through no problem. What's next maybe a blue Wrath for 2R or a White burn spell for W.


Quiet Speculation is kind of a dud that I forgot to mention in my article. It's one of those cards that looks like it is just amazing on paper, yet it isn't as good once played. What are you seriously going to get with this??? Roar of the Wurm, and .... Exactly, you wouldn't want to get anything else. I give it a 1.5 in Constructed. It is not all that, it is not worth anyones time, and it is not worth a space in any deck.

In limited, why bother? You aren't always going to have a Roar of the Wurm, and cards such as Embolden, Chainer's Edict, and Firebolt are better played from your hand anyways. There's no point to playing this, because it's effect would be almost counter productive to a draft deck, because Embolden, Chainer's Edict and Firebolt are best played twice instead of once. It will make a huge difference.


Quiet Speculation Constructed - This is easily one of the best uncommons in the set. You don't have to look too far to build a deck around this. Rating: 4

Limited - You will not have that many worthy flashback cards in your deck for this card to make a huge impact. 10-12th pick. Rating 1.5


Quiet Speculation

This card will be a superlative addition to all those exceedingly popular UG variants. The ideal complement to this card is Roar of the Wurm, a 6/6 beastie that can be flashed back for 3G. Quiet Speculation can target 3 entirely different Flashback cards too, so effectively it works as a very powerful tutor. 1 card for 3 new options is a great trade.

In constructed, yes yes and yes. It may be a Blue Sorcery, but the very low cost and the enormous number of ways you can use it put Quiet Speculation on the map. It's not as useful in limited, where you would want to play your Flashback cards twice rather than once at speed.

Constructed - 4.5
Limited - 3.5


Quiet Speculation

limited **
constructed ****

There are a few Flashback spells that are actually cheaper to flash than to hard cast. Quiet Speculation breaks these cards... namely Roar of the Wurm and Deep Analysis. With Quiet Speculation being undercosted at only 1U it is very easy to compare it to Ancestral Recall. I give it 4 stars only because it's uses outside of Odyssey block are limited... in Odyssey Block it's an easy 5 star.


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