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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day


Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.56 (7 Reviews)
Limited: 4.51 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed May 30, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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The retardedness of this card is yet to be known. I think its potential is very high and will most likely be a one-of in the board of R/G packing 4 Living Wishes. In Limited its obviously broken. A 5 in Limited, a 3.5 in Constructed.

Judge Bill

An interesting card, and while it will see play early, I don't know how much play it will see in the long run. A couple of rules notes from the Judgment FAQ here:

* You choose the target creature card when you put the ability onto the stack. You do this before you pay {2}{G}, and you do this even if you have no intention of using the ability. The creature card must be in your graveyard at the start of your upkeep, or else Genesis won't be able to target it. Genesis may target itself, and if you have no other creature cards in your graveyard, Genesis must target itself.

* Pay the cost and return the creature card when the ability resolves. A single Genesis allows you to return one creature card each turn. If you want to return more than one creature card per turn, you need more than one Genesis in your graveyard.

In limited, a great card, as any card that allows you to get more than one use out of each creature is a very good thing.

Constructed: 3

Limited: 4.5

Doc Mackerel 

I really want to like Genesis, (they remind me of the 80s band!) but I can't. Great synergy with the core of OBC, Wild Mongrel, but I really can't see myself wanting to pay 2G once per turn to get a creature back into my hand.

There'll be some nice tricks to play with Genesis in constructed, but that 2G cost limits this Incarnation's ability too much. It's better in limited play, where creatures are key, and you can afford to use the ability. You also have the option to play Genesis as a 4/4 too.

Constructed - 2.5
Limited - 3.5

John Hornberg

Genesis is an interesting card. Unfortunately, he's not really cut out for constructed, tying up too much mana too early in the turn. To put it this way, you'd need 7 mana in Extended to bring back Blastoderm to your hand, then play it from your hand in Extended. Similar scenarios will occur in TYpe II. In constructed, he's too slow, and gets a 2.

In limited, recursion is fun. The same large creature over and over and over... and mana's not that much a problem. This guy will wreck in draft, and should be an early pick every time, usually 1st... it depends how the player feels about letting this guy by if they aren't playing green. I give this guy a 4.5 in limited, a game breaker, but not for his incarnation ability all the time. A 4/4 is always good.


In the beginning of the block, the Gods of R&D looked down and saw that green was underplayed. They looked down and said let us give green all of our finest creatures. Henceforth sprang the mighty Wild Mongrel, the token elephants and squirrels, the overrunning, and the Gurzigost, along with many supporting spells and abilities. And R&D saw that green was now good. But then the wicked players of the game in their arrogance did not all play green. So R&D looked down and said "It is our Judgement that you all must become green mages." So to force such a happening R&D sent down it's Judgement filled with all of the holy green spells and few blue, black, or red spells and the greatest of these was Genesis.
Crazy times yield crazy cards.


Genesis is some cool :)

I like the fact that alone he is simply a 4/4 for 5 mana.  Overcosted?  Maybe just a little.  But with the potential to get him in the graveyard, he is definitely worth it.  When your opponent casts Chainer's Edict, just choose Genesis :)

I think he is good in constructed and even better in limited.  So often in limited you can get in a stalemate.  Getting creatures back and easily break a stalemate.

Constructed: 3.7
Limites: 3.9
Art Factor: 3.9



Wow. This guy is dumb broken. Anything that allows the recycling of creatures in your graveyard for such a minimal cost is just asking to be abused. In constructed, this guy will have a major impact in Type 2 and probably in Extended. In Limited, he's just not fair at all. I hope we open him in the Team qualifier.

Limited: 5
Constructed: 5


limited ****
constructed ****

The perfect compliment to Living Wish, Genesis allows you to keep jamming that "silver bullet" creature or just plain old FATTIE down your opponents throat no matter how many times they deal with it.  RecSur is reborn!  This is an excellent new card as it finally gives green a chance to out threat even the best control decks. 

In Limited I've seen first hand what a bomb it is.  All you need is one or two other good creatures at the most and you can usually ride those creatures easily to victory.  Even just a bunch of mediocre creatures will work since Genesis will keep them ALL in play and eventually you'll just swarm your opponent with your army of mediochre dorks for the win.

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