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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Brass Man

Arabian Nights, 3rd & 4th Ed.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 1.78 (8 Reviews)
Limited: 1.70 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed March 21, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

This is our 82nd COTD.  
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Ahh Brass Man. I remember way back in the day when I first learned how to play, and there was no Apprentice, no websites for me to go look at, nothing but my brother's puny collection of cards. Brass Man was still bad. Old School rating 1. New school, 1.


Um. Yeah. Has anyone really ever seriously played this guy? When was he legal last, the Carter Administration?
Limited Rating: 2
Constructed Rating: 2


Brass Man
It was so many years, painkillers and sets ago...I barely remember this guy. He is a 1/3 for 1 that doesn't untap unless you pay 1,  not so great. . He was certainly not used in many matches I played. In limited which we didn't know much about back then I guess he would be a semi-passable wall.
Constructed- 1(He's no grey ogre)
Limited- 2 (Playable but what's the point)


Ok, this one I am not going to spend a lot of time on.  In the beginning, we played with him a little bit.  Then something happened....

...We learned how to play well and what good cards were.  

Even in draft, I would probably only draf tthis guy if I was in dire need of more bodies or if everything else in the pack was on par with Warp Artifact.

Constructed: 1.3
Limited: 1.3

John B

If you have Psionic Gift/Hermetic Study/Fire Whip in your deck for some very good reason, like Hypnotic Specter for example, then Brass Man makes sense. A 1/3 for 1 whose drawback can be usefull when so enchanted. Or perhaps it would be more realistic to have him in a deck with Kyren Negotiations, since the Negotiatons are more useable. But those tricks really aren't all that powerful, and he's sub-par in almost every other deck. 2

John Hornberg

This would be extremely broken if it were a 2/2. Instead, we get a 1/3, which is, unfortunately, good for little more than blocking creatures. 

Still, it is a pretty decent one drop, and can stop pretty much anything that can be dropped on the first turn. Unfortunately, for the formats he goes into, he is absolute junk. I give him a 3, because his play value is severely undermined by not being in extended, and he still doesn't hit for any more than the average 1 drop would.

This guy in limited would be pretty good. He, if he were in say Odyssey, would be good, because he stops a lot of the creatures out there, because he is a 1/3. Still, he's not a high pick, and he has very little offensive value what so ever, so I give him a 2 in limited. He will make the cut as a filler card in many draft decks.


Limited: 2 1/2
Constructed: 2

I used to really like Brass Man when it was Extended legal and Sligh was running rampant. This guy was great against Sligh. In limited, he's alrigh, but not stellar. He can hold off your opponent for a few turns, but not much more than that.


Thursday - Brass Man

I don't really like Brass Man. You're paying 1 mana for 1 point of power, which is about average, but the cost to untap him is real bad. Sure, he has 3 toughness, but Brass Man doesn't really seem to be a target for removal. 

The best use for this card would be against aggresive decks, blocking Sligh aggresors without needing to untap, while the control player builds a power base in the background. You'll find him to be pretty average in limited too, and want to spend the untapping mana on something else. 

Constructed - 3
Limited - 3


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