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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Iridescent Angel

Iridescent Angel
5WU, Creature Angel 4/4, Odyssey Rare
Flying, protection from all colors

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.03 (8 Reviews)
Limited: 4.86 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed March 8, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



This lady is not quite Morphling, but is definitely retarded in Limited along the same level as the shapeshifter was. If you open her up, you're drafting U/W almost definitely. A solid 5. 

In constructed, she's got some qualities I like, but I don't see her face in too many decks. A 3.5 due to high casting cost.


I guess she's good? She costs 7 mana. She's a 4/4. She's a gold creature.  I guess you want her in draft. Getting her into play via recursion is nice. Otherwise... Aren't you usually dead by the time you get to 7 mana?
Angel Rating: She's my angel, of the morning, ba-by
Limited Rating: 4
Constructed Rating: 2

Andrew Chapman

Iridescent Angel is a card under much scrutiny.

Personally, I think that 7 mana is too much for what ends up being a kill method of a control deck (of any such style). And let's face it. When's the last time we saw anybody play this in an aggressive deck (not counting Reyanimator because that is more combo than beatdown.

In Limited, though, she is a beast (well, she's still an angel but you know what I mean). Seven mana shouldn't end up being a problem and she isn't very mana intensive. Getting rid of her might be a major problem though.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 5


Iridescent Angel
She's a superstar when she hits the board but getting her there is tough at UW5. I can see her as a 1-2 copy kill card in some classic u/w control decks and she will do the job. Unfortunately, her casting cost at 7 means it takes 9 to cast her with counter backup and that's just too much for most decks in today's metagame.
In limited she is an auto first pick and a big winner. Her cost of 7 is still a bunch but in limited that is a much more reachable goal. Once she's out she dominates the board.
Constructed 3.5
Limited 5


Ya know, not too many of the angels in Magic are horrible.  This angel isn't horrible either.  I have to say that I'm not a huge fan of this card, but when it hits the table, she commands AUTHORITY!!.

There are a lot of neat ways to get this card into play in constructed and you can dodge the high casting cost.

In limited, I think this card is just as good.  Being a 4/4 helps already.  However, players tend to have a bit more removal in limited.  However, I would still first pick this sexy hunk of winged love if I was planning on playing those colors.  If I opened her first pack, I might even flirt with her and let her convince me to take those two colors even though blue/white isn't overly strong in the current limited formats.

Constructed: 3.5
Limited: 4.5

Doc Mackerel


This card spells Game Over if it hits early enough. Protection from colours is an incredible ability, giving your opponent 5 turns to find a Wrath of God/Mutilate style solution. The 7 mana required to cast it is horrible though.

You'll see some constructed decks hell-bent on getting one into play by bizarre means, but the 4 damage per turn really isn't worth it. In limited, it's stronger thanks to the longer games, but still won't see play on many occasions. So, in conclusion, this card could have been great, but narrowly isn't due to the exorbitant mana cost.

Constructed - 3
Limited - 4






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