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Mageta the Lion

Mageta the Lion

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.03 (8 Reviews)
Limited: 4.86 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed March 8, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



I qualified for the pro tour on the back of this guy in sealed. Although I think I used his ability only twice the entire day, he is a bomb. Cards don't get much better than this guy in limited. A definite 5. 

He made his way into some decks in constructed, and deserves a 3.5.


Why do they call him a Lion when most of the other Lions suck? He doesn't suck He's the king of lions, like Voltron. In fact, he's almost better than Voltron, because he doesn't have to waste time putting 5 lions together - he's just one bad ass by himself.
Lion Rating: Simba can suck *this*!
Limited Rating: 5
Constructed Rating: 4


Limited:****(4 stars)
Constructed:***(3 Stars)

I have always liked Mageta since he gives you constant, instant Wrath of Gods. In Limited, this is a very impressive ability that can make games very long and hard to win for your opponent. In constructed, it's still good, but you have things like Wrath of God and possibly Rout to use that are more reliable to go off instead of this guy.

Andrew Chapman

How good is Wrath of God? Good, you say? How about a Wrath of God that you can use over and over again and get to keep a 3/3 creature for yourself each time you use it? Better? I think so! Well, the fact that it's a creature means that it can be killed, but this card saw play in many a control deck during it's time. 

It's good.

In Limited, this guy is simply huge. Your opponent must kill him or else. It's as simple as that. When its that obvious, you better be picking him first. 

Constructed: 4
Limited: 5


Megeta is a good card in my opinion. He blasts the world as an ability, without blowing himself up. This makes him broken. Unfortunately, his ability requires him to tap, which means he doesn't attack after using it (darn! Still, that would make him too broken), and you are required to discard 2 cards also. This held him back in type II, and this will hold him back in extended. I give him a 3.5, because being able to blast all creatures as an ability is great, but not at the cost of 2 cards and still 4 mana.

In limited, Wrath of God is Wrath of God, and this card in limited is just that much more insane compared to it. It broken beyond belief, and you have to be smoking crack.... and let me repeat that part, HAVE to be smoking crack not to take this first pick. I want to give it an 8, because in limited, it's that insane, but, I'll settle for a 5.


Mageta is indeed the Lion King. How much mana would you pay for a 3/3 creature and a Wrath of God that didn't kill the 3/3 ? A plain vanilla 3/3 is going to cost at least 4 under the current costing scale, Wrath is no less than 5 and probably 6-7 soon, and regenerating costs at least 1, which totals to 10-12 mana but in Mageta you get the package for 5 plus 2 cards which is a huge bargain. Particularly now that putting cards into your yard can be an asset. I haven't made a list but Mageta ranks somewhere in the top 5 of best white creatures ever.
Constructed-5 (How many people Q'ed with this card in their deck ?)
Limited-5 (Play me and win the game)
Old School ( What do you mean I can't regenerate my Wildfire Emissary)


Limited *****

Constructed ***

Mageta represents.

He keeps it real.

He also was a defining card in Masques Block Constructed. Sweepers have always been valuable as reset buttons, Mageta was even more of a value because he could serve for 3 after he cleared the board.

Ultimately the fact that Mageta is a creature is the reason why I don't give it higher than 3 stars in constructed... creatures have always been very fragile in this game. Most standard decks will be able to deal with Mageta before he can sweep the board and that's why ultimately Wrath of God is superior.

John B

Very strong. 4







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