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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Judgment - Uncommon

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.36 (8 Reviews)
Limited: 3.28 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed June 28, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This Week's Card Selector

Although it is not as powerful as it's gamebreaking cousins Glory and Wonder, Anger seems to be a solid card in both constructed and limited. I think this card will see at least some play in both R/G and Mono red constructed decks. It is particularly strong in the R/G beats decks as cards like Mongrel make it easy to get him into the yard and with the creature dominance of OBC green Anger's ability to give haste is extremely valuable.He fills essentially the same role in both Limited and Constructed formats. i think this is another solid card, not a bomb but useful and playable.


Turn 1, Forest, Llanowar Elf/Basking Rootwalla/other 1 casting cost dude.
Turn 2, Mountain, Wild Mongrel, discard Anger, attack for 4 (opponent at 16)
Turn 3, Forest, discard Arrogant Wurm, attack for 8 (opponent at 8)
Turn 4, Mountain, discard Roar of the Wurm, attack for 14. (opponent dies
at -6)

Why yes, Anger is a fair card. 4.5 in both limited and constructed.

Judge Bill

Ah yes, the Hasty Incarnation. In a quick red/green deck, it can be pitched to a Mongrel to allow it to swing second turn. Fires of Yavimaya was played long ago, but you have to compare this to Fervor instead, since it can't give a bonus if need be. Fervor hasn't been played much. I see this getting more play than Fervor but much less than Fires.
In limited, haste isn't an ability you really need, so most of the time, I would pass on this card.
Constructed: 2.6
Limited: 2


Haste can be brutal, though often though of as a "Scrub" ability.  Anger I think has a place in a G/R deck with Mongrels.  Being able to pump your mongrel, drop an Arrogant Wurm, and then immediately serve with it is kinda ugly.  Grim Lavamancers work on the spot, as do Looters when the deck hybrids with blue.  Roar tokens ATTACKING on turn 4 is ugly too.  

In limited, it's good too.  Everything having haste forces defense, which is good in limited.  If an aggro deck gets put on the defense, you probably win.

Constructed - 3
Limited - 4
Current Price - $1.00

John Hornberg

Anger has the potential to make for a good card, especially in the right

Turn 2, Mongrel, discard Anger, swing for 3.  Follow that up by Arrogant
Wurm next turn, and you win rather fast.

Still, it can be a bad card if it gets stuck in your hand, because a 2/2
haste for 4 is pretty crappy.  This is the major disadvantage to all the
incarnations, because the only decks that can effectively put them in
the graveyard without having to play them is U/G Madness or U/G
Threshold, because it can discard to either Aquamoeba or Wild Mongrel.

So, Anger, unless your draw is really damn good, it kind of crappy.  He
still gets a 3 in constructed, but he can be held back from being useful
if you don't get him into the graveyard early.

Many of the same conditions apply to Anger in limited as well.  The only
difference is that there are more creatures to discard to in draft.
 Therefore, he'll get to the graveyard faster, and be more effective.
Problem:  You won't get 4 Angers.  You'll get 1 occasionally, 2 if your
incredibly lucky.  So, he's less effective because you don't have the
numbers.  He gets a 3 in limited as well.


The future has a lot of Angry creatures!  I love this guy in constructed for aggressive decks.

I do have to say I would pass on this guy in limited.  Unless I was drafting a heavy Red/Green deck, I think I would let him rolls on by.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 2.7


Anger is one of my favorite new cards in the set. I'm a lifelong red mage.

Like to burn things up, you know. Anyway, Anger is part of the G/R deck that can kill you on turn 4 with no problem, with an average draw. Turn 2 Mongrel, discard anger, attack for 3. Turn 3 discard Arrogant Wurm, attack for 7. Turn 4, discard Roar of the Wurm, attack for 13.

Limited 3
Constructed 3


No Review Yet

John B

Anger can't be used in all aggressive decks, but make no mistake, it will be used.  The problem with Fervor was always that you had to stop and pay mana for it BEFORE you played the creatures, and that just makes it no longer worthwhile, when inconsistencies are taken into account.  Anger, however, takes no mana to discard most of the time, and so it fits in perfectly with the strategy of a beatdown deck.  Sure, you have to have a mountain, so it's not disgustingly powerful, but that's OK with me.  And if you get multiple copies, unlike Fervor, the later ones can be overcosted creatures, so that they aren't wasted.

Andrew Chapman

No Review Yet

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