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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Firecat Blitz
Judgment - Uncommon

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.71 (7 Reviews)
Limited: 3.42 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed June 27, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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This Week's Card Selector


I am intrigued by Firecat Blitz (FCZ) and anticipate trying it in some constructed decks to see what the fit is like. In theory this card should be good in the Red Mage's mono-red deck because it provides with a way to deal some quick damage but seems even better as a finisher. It's flashback cost at RR + Sacking mountains seems a little high but generally any mountains after the third or fourth are extraneous (see, Fireblast). In limited the card has proven to be a solid choice for decks featuring red as a primary color (B/R, G/R) but the RR casting cost keeps it from being viable when red is just a splash color. Overall I see FCZ as a decent choice but not really a game breaker.


Fireblast = Firecat Blitz? No. Fireblast < Firecat Blitz? No. Firecat Blitz still fairly cool? Yes. I'd definitely draft, it, play it in a constructed sligh type deck as a nice finisher. Turn 4 kills are nice in any environment. 2.5 in Limited, 3 in Constructed.

Judge Bill

A good card in limited, but not in constructed.
In constructed, there are too many ways to stop the tokens. And the fact that they only live for the one turn makes it worse. If they lived longer, maybe, but not in its current form.
In limited, on the other hand, I've seen this win many a game. I'd pick this one pretty highly if I was playing red in draft.
Constructed: 1.8
Limited: 4.3


In limited, it's a blatant powerhouse.  It's a X Burn Spell that can get thrown down a couple times in one turn for the kill.  It's nasty, and it will force an opponent within death range to play an ultra-defensive game, fearing it.  

In constructed, it's super combolicious with Rites of Initiation, but in my opinion, kinda weak when used in that regard.  It does, however, still present the "Burn Out" threat, and I think might see some play in some Sligh-style OBC decks.

Constructed - 3.5
Limited - 4.5
Current Price - $1.25


DEFENSE....DEFENSE....DEFENSE...err...wait...this card is... Offense?

Firecat Blitz has nothing to do with defense at all.  It's all offense.  In a time with few worthy X spells, this is the next best thing.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see someone effectively make use of the flashback.

In limited, you would think this is a great card.  It's a solid finisher, or you can use it as a threat to put your opponent in danger range and put them on the defensive.  The flashback might pay more of a roll in this format.  I let it go a few picks even when I know I'm playing red, but I might take it on the second pass.

Constructed: 2.7
Limited: 2.9


A lot of players are going to have to lose to this card before it gains the respect it deserves. Very playable, though fairly situational. A good 23rd card. It's also part of some interesting combo decks, too. 

Limited 3 
Constructed 2


Review Not Posted Yet

Andrew Chapman

Firecat Blitz is a new twist on an old card. Will this pack as much punch as it s predecessor, Fireblast?

No. Will it still see some play? Yes. Sligh has an interesting new weapon. Or is this more of a combo piece? I don't care what you call it, because it kills you when it works.

In Limited, this works more like an X spell to the head than anything else. That means you play it and pick it fairly high, of course.

Contructed: 3.5

Limited: 4


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