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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Breaking Point
Judgment - 

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.29 (8 Reviews)
Limited: 3.91 (8 Reviews)
Reviewed June 19, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Punisher mechanics are SO much fun. This card's rating is fairly chaotic. Sometimes, its utter poo. Sometimes, its the nuts. I don't see it being played in Constructed where you really can't allow to choose whether or not you're going to kill creatures. In Limited, its likely going to be a smack to the face. Constructed 1.5, Limited 3.

John Hornberg

Breaking Point is okay. It is a nice card for certain decks, but I see Type II decks only using it in the sideboard. Red is built on speed, and the only way a red sligh-ish deck could use this deck in any really great fashion is in a match up with a Frog-ish deck, or something that's heavy creature.

Three mana is nice though. Overall, a 3 in constructed.

In limited, Wrath of God is Wrath of God. This, though, it iffy, and not a first pick unless you feel like being a dick, or are playing red. In draft, this is a good card for any red deck, but ends up being passable because it can be stopped. A 4 in limited.


I still don't understand why RED got all the punisher cards.  But regardless, such is life.  We will deal and move on.  A Wrath of God effect for 3 mana is really good.  I think it has limited uses against some decks.  Also a lot of red deck like having creatures, so that may be an issue.  Also, Breaking Point v. Anurid Brushhopper is pretty silly.

In limited, you can take it as a last ditch effort type card.  Try to use it to balance the board.  If you don't did six damage anyway.

Constructed: 3.8
Limited: 3.0


Breaking Point is a pretty cool little card, and I still don't know what it's true value is. The fact that it's got such a low casting cost makes me like it even more, and I can definitely see it being part of a great burn based deck. I played it in Limited and I was always happy with it. Basically it said "Lose Commander Eesha, or take 6 and die." Win win! Combined with a lot of punisher cards, you're really going to get to piss your opponent off. 

You have to make sure you've got good balance, though.

Limited: 4

Constructed: 3


limited ****

constructed ***

Punisher cards amaze me yet confuse me all at the same time. I really believe this mechanic will spawn an entirely new decktype, one using an aggressive strategy in the early game that morphs into a control deck by the mid-late game. If and when someone designs this deck, I expect it to be a wrecking ball... what's better than an aggressive deck that has a good late game?

In limited, Breaking Point is a sweeper so you have to play with it. While a bit situational the cost and the effect are both very efficient.


I must be mistaken. Surely this is not a reasonably costed red spell in Judgement ? I like this card a lot. Lava Axe +1 or Wrath for 1RR. It's too bad the other red in this block is only ok but not great or this card would make red decks crazy good. As it is it's just the best red card in a mediocre block for red. Still, it will get played.
Constructed- 4.5
Limited- 4.75

Andrew Chapman

The casting cost on Breaking Point is decieving. At 3cc, it appears to be cheaper than Wrath of God. However, that early in the game, if you are in need of killing off creatures, this will always be a 6 point shot to your opponent's head instead. This means that it is only truly a Wrath later on in the game when you have brought their life total down. In short, it will be a cheap late game red Wrath of God.

In Limited, any removal is good removal. Mass removal is even better. Cheap burn aimed at your opponent's head is also very good. Looks like we have a winner either way.

Constructed: 3

Limited: 5

Doc Mackerel

Breaking Point

The 2 possible outcomes to this card (Wrath of God or 6 to the dome) are both so good that you can afford to let your opponent choose between them. And the price is just criminal at 1RR.

I believe this card will see major constructed play. It's very cheap, very fast and extremely effective. The intended effect won't be as useful in limited, because it's very difficult to build your deck around a single card in this format.

Constructed - 4.5

Limited - 3.5


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