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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Nantuko Monastery
Judgment - 

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.60 (7 Reviews)
Limited: 3.50 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed June 14, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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An uncounterable 4/4 is always a good thing, especially a 4/4 that can tap for mana when you need it. This card is obviously very good in limited and gets a 4, and in constructed, once G/W becomes popular, this guy will see 4 of in every deck. A 4.5 in constructed.

Judge Bill

Ah yes, the new man-land. I think the requirement of threshold makes it a very balanced card, in addition to the fact that blue would have to splash 2 colors to use this (or Riftstone Portal and a way to discard it, but that's another story). It will see quite a bit of play and rightfully so.
In limited, the requirement of threshold actually makes it quite a bit worse than you might think. There's just too much in this block that plays with the graveyard to let this be active with any certainty.
Constructed: 3.8
Limited: 2.5

John Hornberg

Nantuko Monastery: Treetop Village's second coming.

Actually, not really. Nantuko Monastery is a good card, but fails to compare to the Village due to being a slow Threshold card.

That doesn't mean that Monastery isn't a great card, it just means that it's slow. It's a force once you hit threshold, though. a 4/4 First Stirker is pretty hard to deal with.

It will enjoy use, but that use will be limited because it takes 2 colors to activate. I give it a liberal rating of 4 in my book, probably should be rated lower than that, but I really like this card, so I gave it brownie points.

In limited, land is land unless it does amazing things. Monastery can do amazing things, if you are playing Green/White. It is a decent card, most likely going in the middle, and if someone is playing green and white, will be in all decks of the sorts. Otherwise, it's not worth it. A 3 in limited, because it needs to be in G/W, or it is no good.


This card is great!  Plain and simple.  If you are playing the requied colors, it should go in!   It's only down side, in both formats is that i produces colorless.  Not having the proper color can be a problem.  It also only works at threshold for the creature ability.  That's ok though.  Just play two or three instead of four!

Constructed: 3.3
Limited: 3.4


The cards really ramped up in power this week! Looks like we finish with a superstar, this guy is definitely going to make an impact on Extended, and will probably see a bunch of play in Standard, too. If you're playing his colors in Limited, there's no reason to not play this powerhouse. 

Limited: 4

Constructed: 4


Limited ***
Constructed **

I'd always play this in limited, although getting to Threshold sure can take forever sometimes.  By the time Monastery becomes a 4/4 firstriker its not likely to be a bomb... but like I say I'd still play it.

In constructed this card will be a card to watch for.  Man lands have historically been excellent ways to hose control decks as they can't be countered and can't be dealt with by sorcery speed removal.  Having said that, Monastery isn't going to be overwhelming due to the fact G/W has never been dominant in constructed play, not to mention the fact that even if you do build a good G/W deck you STILL have to hit Threshold before it even can activate.

John B

No Review Yet


I am somewhat excited about this card. Back in Urza block the man lands were very solid and this one even with its' GW activation cost is solid. Also 4/4 first strikers can do some real wreckage in this set. Playable in limited and constructed.

Andrew Chapman

How many Green-White decks reach threshold consistently? How many of those decks make it to the point in the game where they haven't won by the time they have threshold? Your final answer should be not many. I don't take anything away from the power of this card, but I'm just trying to be aware of the possible weaknesses. In limited, if you're playing the colors, you'll be playing this card. 

Constructed: 3
Limited: 4


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