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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Balancing Act

Balancing Act

Odyssey  - Rare
2WW - Sorcery

Each player chooses a number of permanents he or she controls equal to the number of permanents controlled by the player who controls the fewest, then sacrifices the rest.  Each player discards cards from his or her hand the same way.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.50 (7 Reviews)
Limited: 2.79 (7 Reviews)
Reviewed January 30, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



I never liked Balance when I first started playing Magic - mostly because I didn't understand what coming from behind was like. I didn't realize that I could hold back on my resources and then destroy my opponent with one card. That's the reason Balance was too good, though.  It allowed you to win the unwinnable game - a game you didn't really DESERVE to win, you could win. That's ok, because Balancing Act is not Balance - it's something else. It's a card being used in a combo deck that puts out a fat little creature that your opponent will have a hard time removing, and runs behind it. That's not something you can do in Extended, and it's not something you'll always be able to do in Standard, either - once people start understanding how to play around it.
Game Breaker Rating - Az-Zahir Hakim-esque
Limited Rating - 5
Constructed Rating - 2


 Limited:**(2 Stars)
Constructed:***(3 Stars)

In Limited, Balancing Act isn't one of my top picks.
It jusn't isn't guaranteed to be good and is nowhere
near what the real Balance is.  In Constructed, it
gets a little better since you can make decks around
it, such as Balancing Tings.  They do go o.k. in
trade, though.


Back in Ott 6 they had a really broken cared like this called "Balance" Balance was a great card (as was the style at the time) and a staple of many decks. Now they give us a new balance which costs much more and has an ugly picture on it. This card is pure ethanol in the right deck, that is, the deck named after it, but otherwise it is not very playable due to cost and 2x colored mana issue. So while the old balance was a much more utilized card in several decks, Balancing act is a pretty limited usage card. I am glad WOTC is paying homage to some of the old school cards lately even if the new versions are usually just shadows of the originals.
Rating: Constructed generally-2, Limited-2, In it's own namesake deck 5.0


Balancing Act tries to pull off a balanced (no pun
intended) version of a long broken card.
Unfortunately, the choices of which permanents to
sacrifice severely weakens it, much more so that the
upped casting cost.  It has indeed saw some high level
play as of late in the Balancing Tings deck within
type 2, but it has lacked any further play.  Expect
more uses out of this once someone comes up with more.
In limited, I see very few situations this could be
all that great.  Still, it might be playable if you
have drafted a particularly fast deck (meaning this
will make your opponent discard).

Constructed rating: 3
Limited rating: 2


When Balancing Act first hit the spoilers, my eyes popped out of my head.  A
fixed Balance!  I thought immediately it would be a hit.  But I then read
it, and re-read it, and realized that it did not have the same power as the
original at all.  Its a much different card than it was before.  So I
discarded it as playable, and went on with things.  And then Terravore,
Obliterate, and sac lands made it one of the better decks in type 2 today. 
In constructed, this card is amazing in one deck, and very sub-par in
others.  A 3 (5 in the right deck) in constructed, and in Limited its almost
useless and would just about never make the cut in a deck.  Way too
situational, and gets a 1.5.


 Limited **
Constructed **

Don't take my word as law on this cards rating... I haven't yet got a
chance to test this card out at all.  My gut tells me it would be next to
impossible to break this card like Balance was.  Again, the best way to be
sure is to test it for yourself.  If history has taught us anything, it's
that cards like this look bad at first but when combined with some other
innocent looking card they can form a savage Combo.  Maybe you'll be the
one to find Balancing Act's killer combo while your testing it out!


Balancing Act is one of those cards I looked at and almost instantly loved.  Back when it was legal, I was a very big fan of Balance.  The game turning ability it had was great.  the thought of getting a fixed Balance really appealed to me.  Unfortunately, it has proven to be too much of a combo card for normal use.  The Balancing Tings deck broke it, but that's not how I wanted to use it.  Balance was a control card, and I liked it that way.  This is a combo card.  Yeah, the word "Balance" is there, but it's not the same.  In my opinion, outside of the whack combo deck, this card just doesn't make the cut in constructed.
In Limited, it's uses are just that - limited.  If you're really down on permanents in limited, you're probably losing.  This might even it up, but probably not.  I would play it, but it's a mid pick, going 6th - 8th.

Limited: 3.5
Constructed: 2.0


No Review Yet


I haven't really been around Balancing Act enough to judge it really well. 
I just know that it's a sorry excuse for Balance, but it does have a deck in
Type II right now that's really good, but easily beaten by some sideboard
builds.  So, I give it a 2.5, because I really don't know any better.

In limited, it doesn't look like it would change anything, even though it
has the potential to be devastating.  I give it a 3.5 on that basis, but
again, I have yet to play with one of these in limited, or see one in a
draft, so I can't give you a great judgment.

John B

No Review Yet 





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