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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Prodigal Sorceror

Prodigal Sorceror

7th Edition - common
2U - Creature - Wizard - 1/1

Card Description

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.22
Limited: 3.46
Reviewed January 29, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



 Prodigal Sorcerer is an old favorite of mine.  The first deck I tried to
build was a Prodigal Sorcerer deck.  Still this guy, despite his classic
status in the game, is kind of a dud in decks right now.  He cost too much
for only being a 1/1, despite the fact that he taps for a point of damage. 
Plus, there are better things for blue on 3rd turn, like counterspells, and
whatnot.  So, I give him a 2.5, some brownie points for being a classic and
a favorite.

In limited, he's pretty good.  He's creature removal, and he's damage.  The
fact that he can shoot things makes him good in a limited format such as
7th, which is very balanced creature wise.  So, I give him a 3.5, and place
him kind of high, a 5th or 6th pick.  A good card, but ultimately passable
if your not playing blue.  He's a card that isn't going to dominate you
completely in limited, because of the lack of counterspell's in limited.


There are some who call me "Tim". Long the bane of one toughness creatures, Tim has occasionally found his way into type 2 in slower environments. This is not that time, though. When you draft 7th edition *coughnevercough* Tim would be a fine edition to your deck. I guess.
Monty Python rating: run away run away!!!
Limited Rating: 3
Constructed Rating: 2

John B

No Review Yet


Limited:***(3 Stars)
Constructed:***(3 Stars)

Good 'ol Tim.  In Limited, he can mess with your
opponent's math during combat or just turn into a slow
"clock."  In Constructed, he's a 1/1 for three mana
which isn't exactly stellar.  I like him more for the
sentimental value than anything else. 


Good ol' Tim. Any magic card named after a character in a Monty Python movie is ok with me. It seems that Tim was a much better card in the old school where he seemed to appear with some frequency. Today his 1 toughness and double blue casting cost keep him out of most decks in constructed. However in limited play (does anyone play limited with the basic set anymore ? I haven't in 3-4 years) I think he would still be solid and maybe better than before with the plethora of 1 toughness creatures to ping.
Rating- Constructed 2
            Limited 3.5
            Old School 4



Providing a base of which many cards have been copied
after, "Tim" as we like to call him has limited uses.
While it is huge in tandem with Intruder Alarm, it has
other combo uses as well.  For a straight out
creature, he doesn't quite make the cut for most
decks, as lacks firing power or an over-useful

In Limited (does anyone draft 7th?), he should be a
better choice, but it would depend on the other packs
being drafted.

Constructed: 3
Limited: 3.5


This guy is so old he has to fart dust.  I mean seriously, in Magic years, he should definitely be a legend.  Unfortunately he is not all that great.  He is the original pinger.  Tapping to do a damage is never bad.  

I would give him more of an edge in limited, just because there are less ways to kill him.  Other than that, he is pretty mediocre.

Constructed: 2
Limited :2.1


 Monday - Prodigal Sorceror, Common, 7th Edition

Ahh the original "Tim".  In constructed, this guy is fairly worthless in
every format.  The only "Tim" that I've ever seen play is so old school, I
don't even remember its name, Sucky mage or something.  I'd play him in
limited if I was playing blue though, as pinging is a slow but steady way to
win, control the board, EOT your face.  In limited, a VERY solid 3, never
really situationaly higher or lower.  In constructed, sadly a 1.


 Limited *****
Constructed **

Wow, how can one card be such a bomb in Sealed events... and at the same
time suck so mightly in Constructed?  =)

Of course the mighty Tim doesn't actually suck.  The reason why his ability
is so strong in Sealed is because it serves double duty as BOTH removal and
evasion... the two most important parts to all Sealed and Limited play!
The ability to EVERY TURN do a guaranteed 1 damage to either the opponents
creatures or to the dome is simply awesome.

There's 3 main reasons why Tim doesn't convert to a bomb in Constructed

1)  High Cost

At three mana, a 1/1 creature is lackluster at best.

2)  He's Fragile

In constructed its much easier to deal with a 1/1 creature than it is in

3)  Speed Kills

In limited play Tim shines because matches tend to be much longer.  During
this time all those "Tim pokes" can really add up.  In constructed play
I've seen matches end before Tim would be able to even be tapped once!

Finally, If you don't know how Prodigal Sorceror got his nickname check out
Monty Pythons Quest for the Holy Grail.  =)



Do I really need to review Tim?  He's 3 , he pings, he's great in limited, and terrible in constructed.  Easy said.

Limited: 4.5
Constructed: 1.5






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