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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Nantuko Shade

Nantuko Shade

Torment - Rare
BB - Creature Insect Shade - 2/1

B: Nantuko Shade gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.52 (9 Ratings)
Limited: 3.53 (9 Ratings)
Reviewed January 21, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



 Limited ***
Constructed ****

It's been a long time since Black has had a good constructed weenie.  This card could definitely be the Black Knight replacement we've all been waiting for, 2 mana for a 2 offense creature is always a good thing.  While expensive, the Shade's pump ability is fantastic for a deck commiting heavy to Black.

In constructed I gave the Shade a slightly lower rating only because of the heavy requirement to black mana.  Most good limited decks require 2-3 colors to be good so coming up with all the needed black mana could be difficult in that environment..  Having said that, Torment is the "Black" set so it may be feasible to play decks that are very black mana orientated.  Even then, not exactly a "bomb" rare by any means.


In limited, this card isn't bad at all.  If you can go black-heavy, it's a low casting cost win condition.  Even if it doesn't slap for a lot every turn, people have to respect it's pumping ability.  Doing an easy 2 a turn and being able to take out a fattie if blocked is not bad.  
Constructed might be where this guy shines, though.  People are going to try mono-black after torment.  This guy will be there in quantity four.  He's a vicious bear that will go in for the kill on more than one occasion.  Look for him to be the shining star in multiple decks.

Limited: 3.5
Constructed: 4.0


 I like this card a lot.  It will be a good creature for black decks to play,
even though pumpers have never really been popular in any format.  Still,
the fact that this guy is a rare is kind of hard to stomach for me, because
he looks like many common creatures do.  Still, I see him getting a decent
amount of play, and being a decent creature for many black decks.  I give
him a 3.5.

In limited, he's an awesome creature.  Good numbers, with a great ability,
and for a decent cost.  But yet again black gets outmanuveured in Torment by
everything else - the removal is still weak, and a lot of the creatures are
still kind of blah at best.  Everything else, with the exception of green,
got a lot of great anti black stuff, not to mention Hypochondria (Compulsion
for white with prevent 3 instead of draw a card).  So, because of the anti
black bias, I say this card can go early, but not too early because of the
odds of something better being in the pack, and there is a lot of better
things.  He's still a force if he hits the board, and for that, he gets a
4.25 in limited.


Thank god this card isn't a common, cause it's dumb good. This will definitely make constructed black playable again, as it's got what black needs - a very solid 2 drop. It's awesome in limited too, since you can pump it to get over the hump that is the blocker.
Insecticon Rating: Better than Chopshop
Limited Rating: 4
Constructed Rating: 4


 Limited: ***^ (3 1/2 Stars)
Constructed: **** (4 Stars)

The Shade looks to be one of those cards that you hope
to open just for the sheer fact that it's probably
going to be one of those big chase rares.  Also, it
can definitely beat someone's face in without too much
of a hassle.  The fun only gets better in constructed,
since it's pretty ease to get a lot of black mana to
pump him with, especially with some of the cards
coming in Torment.  Another bonus is that he can
easily turn away those annoying Finkels people think
are so good. 


This guy looks pretty average to me. A 2/1 for BB that can pump for B is not particularly different from a long list of creatures that have had similar abilities. But since this is the "Black" set he may see more use than would be expected. Additionally since the other colors creatures in torment seem pretty lame, he may be very good in the all Torment drafts at the pre-release and after. BTW-Having read the unofficial spoiler it is my opinion that all Torment draft will be worse than Fallen Empires draft.
Rating -Constructed 3 Block drafting-3 All Torment drafting-4.5


Nantuko Shade should one of the defining cards of the
set.  Of the cards I've seen, this may be the most
solid card of the list.  Imagine for a moment...  Play
this bad boy on turn 2.  Turn three, you could be
swinging for 4 or 5 WITHOUT discarding anything from
your hand.  If mono-black becomes an archetype, expect
this bad boy at the heart of it.
This should be a fine card in limited as well, but not
quite as good due to the obvious presence of other
colors that will have to be played.

Constructed Rating: 4
Limited Rating : 3


In constructed this guy is poop.

In limited this guy is decent.

That's really all there is to say.  Nothing spectacular, pretty vanilla.  he doesn't even use the new mechanics.

Constructed Rating : 2.2
Limited Rating 3.5


This is obviously the best Shade ever printed.  I think its actually
constructed quality, and will most likely see the return of more
black-centric magic.  In Limited, this guy is nuts in a black/x deck and
would easily be a first pick.  In Limited 4, in Constructed a 3.





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