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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

The Eggs of Odyssey

Odyssey Eggs

Mossfire Egg, Darkwater Egg, Shadowblood Egg, Sunfire Egg, and Skycloud Egg
Odyssey - uncommon
1 - Artifact

(Mossfire Egg -
2,T, Sacrifice Mossfire Egg: Add RG to your mana pool. Draw a card)

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 1.59
Limited: 2.54
Reviewed January 10, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



All of the Eggs are excellent cantrips and usually make the cut in any limited deck. Just because they cycle essentially I think they are a 3-4.

That's a very high rating but they usually do exactly what they are supposed to. Draw you another card, thin your deck by one. I don't think they have a place in Constructed. A 2 or 1.


Limited **
Constructed **

an "eh" card at best, man do Artifacts suck lately!!  Why weren't these printed in Invasion where they would've been semi-playable with all those Gold cards?!  The cantrip effect means its not bad as it can help achieve Threshold... I really can't think of anything else nice to say about these.


The eggs are decent in limited as a mana smoother, and also as a semi-cheap
cantrip.  They are especially good in sealed and some funky drafts where you
need to go 3+ colors, and one of them is a splash color.

In constructed their uses seem to be yet unproven.  I think they will see
use in block constructed where mana smoothing can often be an issue, and
obtaining threshold will be a must.  Outside of that, there are usually
better cards for the job.

Block Constructed: 3.5
Type 2: 2.0
Constructed: 2.75

Limited: 3.5

What order do I think the eggs go in?  Honestly, I can't really rate them
until Torment comes out and we see the color schemes in the decks, since
that's the only format they are good in.


All the eggs are topped by one card - Chromatic Sphere. While the eggs provide you with two mana, it's still two mana to activate, and in a sense are more for decks of the two mana that they produce. Chromatic Sphere is the same thing, produces one mana of any color, activates for one, and does the same thing. It's more for splashing colors, or helping with getting specific kinds of mana when needed. Plus, it's great cantrip.

So, in this order, this is what all the Odyssey eggs get - Extended - 1, Type II - 1, Block - 1.5, Egg Rating (Yes I stole it for this one time! Sorry, Mason!) - Rather rotten.

In limited, it really depends, these cards on the first pack are absolutely useless, because your not sure what your playing, or you shouldn't know exactly by then. Despite it's cantrip, it's still a late pick because it is bad cantrip. It's no better than filter lands in draft, so I give all of them 1's, and I'd say that these cards will go no earlier than, say, 12th pick, and that's a rarity at best. A late pick that deserves to be there.


I like my eggs scrambled, not all mossy and fiery. That being said, mana fixers can work if you're playing in limited and you need a 23rd card. This isn't always a maindeck card, but it's decent. It's hard to find use for this in constructed, though.

Best eggs: Shadowblood, Darkwater.
Reasonable: Mossfire.
Eh: Sunfire, Skycloud.
Egg rating - Cracked

Limited rating - 2
Constructed Rating - 0

John B

Honestly I see all the eggs as an inferior version of Chromatic Sphere. Chromatic Sphere saw play in Invasion Block Constructed, but mostly because it was in three and four color decks which should be less common in Odessey block, since this block isn't centered on multi-color strategies. They're color fixing and deck thinning, so they increase consistency, but due to the one mana casting cost I would usually rather have my color fixing come from non-basic lands. One could argue that Shivan Oasis and similar uncommon Inasion "duel" lands essentially cost one mana, as they come into play tapped, but they also begin color fixing regardless of whether another land is forthcoming. Later in the game an egg will be better than a comes-into-play-tapped land, because it can essentially be cycled for 3. Something to consider, though, is that it can't give you GG or RR, while Shivan Oasis, Brushland can. In Odessey block you might consider using one or two in your two color deck, if one of those colors isn't bla

Sungrass, Darkwater, and Shadowblood Eggs - 2

Mossfire Egg - 1 (The extra mana requirement hurts even more in decks where early plays are crucial)

Skycloud Egg - 1 (In any format other than block there's plenty of mana fixers for an allied color combination, and with these colors you should have plenty of time to draw into one.)


Limited: *** (3 Stars)
Constructed: **^ (2 1/2 Stars)

In Limited, the Eggs serve two purposes-to smooth your mana and thin your deck. They have the same basic template as Chromatic Sphere as well-1 for 1 trade on mana and a "cantrip" effect. I believe that Mossfire and Sungrass Eggs are the best ones due to the lack of card drawing in those two color combos. In Constructed, I don't see the Eggs being used much except in Block Constructed, maybe.


I have to say that this is the easiest review that I have had to do on a card yet.   These eggs are great in limited, simply for the ability to smooth out your mana and get you another card.  

As far as constructed goes, they are just plain bad.  There are hundreds of other cards that can help smooth out your mana, so these shouldn't ever really be an option.

Limited: 2.9
Constructed: 1





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