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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day


(uncommon, Odyssey)

Until end of turn, whenever target creature deals damage, you gain that much life.
Draw a card

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 1.02
Limited: 1.17
Reviewed January 07, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



I'm not truly sure how much I really like this card.  It seems as though it has some potential.  After all it says "Draw a card." on it.  That's never bad is it?  ...  Seriously though, I think the real problem with this card, at least in constructed, is that there are many other card that do what this does better.  Spirit Link, Armadillo Cloak, Reverse Damage, just to name a few.  You don't get to draw a card from the others, but you get either better effect or a better exchange for life.  Being only one White mana in the casting cost, at least makes it somewhat playable.  Unfortunately, I don't see many players want to play it.

As for limited, the card is neat, but as far as life gain goes, there are a lot of other cards such as Life Burst and even  Hallowed Healer that can prevent damage.  This card might get picked late if I am playing white and just want other options.  If I do end up drafting it, I don't expect it to make the cut unless I am just light on strong spells or I run out of quality creatures to play.

Final Verdict...

Constructed : 1.1
Limited : 1.4  (remember, it does say "Draw a card." )


This card has no place in Constructed and gets a 1. In Limited its usually a card I don't draft, and almost never makes the cut. It does draw a card as a cantrip so its not a 1. I'll give it a 1.5


constructed *
limited *

Dressing lifegain up with a cantrip doesn't change the fact that it's still lifegain.  A wasted slot in any format.


Okay. Lemme get this straight...I'm supposed to review Spiritualize? Okay. 

Lemme think on this one real hard......

THIS CARD IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it. There is no redeeming value to this card whatsoever. You'll never play it in constructed, and the ONLY reason it might EVER make the cut in limited is if you don't have anything constructive to play in your last slot, and you need a cantrip for it. Forget it's ability - it replaces itself. I mean it. This card is crap.

Constructed Rating: 1 (this is for any and all formats)
Limited Rating: 1.1 (it gets the extra 0.1 only because it's a filler-cantrip)


Spiritualize is stupid... stupid, stupid, stupid! It won't see play for two big reasons: 1) It fails to say one word. That one word, "instead", makes all the difference. If it included this word in it's text, like if it said "When ever target creature deals damage to you, you gain that much life instead." It doesn't say that, therefore, it's no good. 2) It's only an instant. It's effect is far too limited to be anything really effective in game play unless you go it to one of your own creatures. There are waaaay better things white could be playing. So, I give this card a 1.1 in constructed, that .1 is for the fact that at least it cantrips, so it's not absolutely useless.

In limited, weird stuff happens. My example: poop like this might actually get played. It's not a particularly high pick, and is no better than Restrain in draft, probably even worse. Still, when played on your own creature, it has the potential to turn the game around, because every 1 life matters when up against huge creatures that draft tends to produce. So, I'd say this card goes about 10th pick, posibly 9th, no earlier than 8th, and can go as late as last, depending on what people are playing. So, with that weighed, I give this card a 1.5 in limited. Restrain is Restrain, and last time I checked, I only drafted Restrain in Invasion Block Limited when there were three cards or less in the pack.


Newer Type 2 Cards, eh? Well, why are we reviewing this limited only card then? I can't see this being of any use in type 2, as it doesn't remove a threat. Sure, it takes care of Ball Lightning in extended, but it doesn't do much else. It's nice in limited, though, I guess. At least it replaces itself. Eh.

Cantrip rating - Somewhere between Twitch and Repulse
Limited Rating - 2
Constructed Rating - 1

John B

I'm a big fan of cantrips, but when the exact same set has a cantrip in the same color, called Shelter, that's so vastly superior to this one, I have a hard time giving it high marks. Typically cantrips cost 2 colorless mana more than a non-cantrip spell with the same main effect, like Repulse which costs 2 colorless more than Unsummon. That's a good way to judge whether a cantrip is under- or overcosted. Spiritualize costs 2 colorless more than Spirit Link. Spiritualize does what Spirit Link does every subsequent turn (until it's removed) for one turn, so it's clearly overcosted. It should have cost W.

Rating = 1


No Review Today





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