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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Mirri,Cat Warrior

1GG, Summon Legend,  2/3

Mirri, Cat Warrior counts as a Cat Warrior.

First strike; forestwalk (If defending player controls any forests, this creature is unblockable.)

Attacking does not cause Mirri to tap.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.33
Limited: 3.75
Reviewed January 04, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Mirri is excellent is every way.  Not to mention, if I were Gerrard I would have chased her around the boat a few times.  But that's another story altogether :) Seriously though, Mirri is a very good creature.  I would say that Mirri might be one of the top two "Character" cards in the game.  She has almost every relevant ability.  I also like the fact that she is a three toughness.  This allows her to deal with most of the other first strikers out there.  The fact that her casting cost is 1GG should not be a big deal.  Green decks can generally come up with that much mana without any trouble.

I have never gotten the chance to draft Mirri.  I do remember opening a Mirri in sealed deck and it was decent.  Not sure if Mirri really merits a high pick though.  In most cases, I could see myself taking a removal card over her.  But I think I would take Mirri as my first creature pick from an Exodus pack.

Constructed: 3.7
Limited : 2.5
Sexiness : 5 :)


If your opponent is with forests, Mirri is one sexy Legend to have on the table. Not quite a first pick, it can be very good. Due to the legendary nature, she only recieves one or two slots usually in a deck. In Constructed, she is easily killed but sometimes can be amazing. 

Constructed - 3
Limited - 3.5


constructed ***

limited ****

1GG for a 2/3 with 3 cool special abilities?! This card made for an EXCELLENT Rancor target and made an excellent sideboard card versus green stompy. Even as a legend Mirri was still worth playing multiples of.


Mirri is one of the better green creatures I have ever seen. That said, never play her in beatdown. She is a horrid beatdown. If you happen to be playin a version of green that is controlling in nature, and especially against a mirror match-up, then she's your girl. Her ability to silently serve while holding back enough beef to hold off various small creatures makes her extremely good. Honestly, she's quite playable, even in today's extended environment. The thought of having a Mirri down, then slapping a Rancor on her I must admit is quite nice. "Yes, I'll serve for 4, then First Strike your elephant." The only question would be whether or not the
room can be found for her in decks that could well utilize her. The proverbial 61st card.

In limited, she's definitely not bad. Things that has First Strike and don't tap to attack are always nice, and her cost is not that bad. Not worth color splashing for, but a good 2nd to 4th pick if she's in your color.

Old Constructed: 3.5
Constructed Potential: 4.0

Overall Constructed: 3.75

Limited Rating: 4.5


I find Mirri to be an extremely interesting card because it is one of the 
few decent legends out there. In my opinion she ranks right up there with 
Lin Sivvi in playability, and (I know I'm going to get it for this one) is 
better than Sivvi in extended. She is a 3 drop that is a 2/3, which is 
already pretty good, a forestwalker, and blocker for next turn after 
attacking. Her one fatal flaw - She had to be a #$@! legend. Yes, the fact 
that she's a legend makes her a disappointment, and why she is relatively 
ignored in all formats (An unfortunate circumstance for all legends but Lin 
Sivvi). So, I give her a 3 in constructed. A good card, but she's a 
legend, and that hurts her play value more than anything.

In limited, she's okay. The legend factor means nothing, because in sealed, 
you aren't going to open up two of her (or at least I don't think you will), 
and I don't think that would happen in limited. I see her being an 
annoyance in draft and limited, that like the bears in Invasion, can change 
the game more than anyone would think. So, I'd say she would go fairly 
early in draft, possibly in the first four to eight picks, depending on 
who's playing green, and it is Exodus, the last set in the Rath Cycle block 
(by then people know what they are looking for, and good cards will keep 
going if no one is playing those colors.) So, she get's a 3.5 in limited. 
Not an overpowering card, but certainly not a card that can be ignored.


Is it wrong to be in love with a Cat? Mirri is one of my favorite legends, and she's always been exceptionally playable. She eats bears for breakfast and then comes in and bashes your face too. Plus, she's hot. She breaks the mirror match wide open, since once she's dropped onto the board she's going to be very hard to kill. It's not like you can trade a bear and a Shock for her - she eats the bear and the Shock doesn't even faze her.

Constructed Rating - 4
Limited Ranking - 4
Cat Ranking - Purrfect

John B

She's a solid creature to be sure, but doesn't have the coveted power greater than or equal to casting cost distinction, which excludes her from most decks. If I did use her, I don't think she's powerful enough to justify the chance of accidentally drawing a multiple, so I wouldn't have more than 1 in the deck.  = 3


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