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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Predator, Flagship

Predator, Flagship

5, Legendary Artifact, Nemesis Rare

2: Target creature gains flying until end of turn.

5, T: Destroy target creature with flying.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.24
Limited: 4.60
Reviewed January 03, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Limited *****
Constructed ***

Wow what a bomb for limited! the re-usable "Jump" is a nice cheap way to give your creatures evasion. Oh, and I hear blowing up opposing creatures EVERY TURN is pretty good in limited as well. =)


Isn't it typical that the bad guys always get the cooler, better weapons.  The Predator is light years better than the Weatherlight.  This card found a few uses in constructed.  With seven mana you can kill nearly eerie creature in the game.  If it already flies (Legendary Dragons, Vampires, Angels) it just takes two mana to get the job done.  It's obviously not the most efficient kill card, but it's playable.

In limited, this card is a very high pick.  It may not be first pick depending on what else is in the pack, but it is definitely a VERY high pick.  I was say it would almost always go as pick one.  In no case would I ever see this ard going beyond pick three.

Constructed:  2.9
Limited : 4.1


Predator is very mana hungry and is only good in an environment where slower creature decks are popular. In Limited this is an unfair card and I've had to play against it and hated it. In Constructed it did ont find a place in block except for one or two ofs, and then usually in the sideboard.

Limited - 4.5
Constructed - 2


Limited: **** (4 Stars)
Constructed: *^ (1 1/2 Stars)

In Limited, removal is usually a good pick. Recursive removal is great. Recursive removal useable in any deck is a nearly automatic first pick. The Flagship is a great card in limited, giving you both removal and a way to give your creatures evasion. In Constructed, it gets worse with things like Shock, Swords to Plowshares, etc. available. These cards (which only cost one by the way) are a lot more efficient than the Flagship, and, therefor, better.


Back in 2000 I actually played this card at Pro Tour New York, which was Masques Block Constructed. To be honest, it was great for me. It's quite multi-useful depending on the deck you run it in. Using it as either creature removal against your opponent, or making your army take to the skys and dominate in the air make this quite a potent offensive and defensive weapon. Cost is a factor, though. In Masques block, everything was quite slow, so playing this card was not out of the question. It's not Type 2 legal anymore, but in Extended, the environment is unfortuntely too fast to utilize the Flagship. Too many decks can have you dead before you can even drop the flagship, or, don't even have creatures for the Flagship to be good against. A classic case of a good card that is not in it's environment right now.

For limited, take it fast. Once a Flagship hits the board, the game is virtually over. I don't think I've ever seen someone come back from one hitting in limited unless they had disenchant in hand right then.

New Constructed (Masques Block): 4.0
Old Constructed: 2.0
Constructed Potential: 4.0
Flagship Rating: Significantly meaner than the Goodyear Blimp
Overall Constructed: 3.33

Limited Rating: 5.0


No Review Today


Every time you use it to throw a creature in the air and then blow it up, you HAVE to say "pull!". It's all about skeet shooting baby. The value of this card in block constructed was solid, assuming you had plenty of mana to go around and nothing else to use it on. The value in Type 2 - well, did ANYONE play it?

Block Rating - Gimme some of those block rocking beats.

Constructed Rating - 1
Limited Rating - 5

John B

Capable of massive card advantage, this card is too mana-intensive to be of much use in extended. 2





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