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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Skyship Weatherlight

4, Legendary Artifact

When Skyship Weatherlight comes into play, search your library for any number of artifact and/or creature cards and remove them from the game. Then shuffle your library.

4, T: Choose a card at random that was removed from the game with Skyship Weatherlight. Put that card into your hand.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.07
Limited: 2.54
Reviewed January 01, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Constructed ***
Limited ***

I'm surprised this card didn't see more play. It definitely had it's drawbacks as it was slow, not to mention there's very few playable artifacts to search for. Searching for a bunch of good creatures only to have your opponent Disenchant the Skyship kinda sucked too. Still, card drawing is card drawing.



I have been against this card since I first saw it.  The main reason is that it is a huge gamble.  You are assuming that you can place cards out of the way that you can get to and use.  If you opponent draws anything to get rid of Skyship Weatherlight between the time you cast it and the time you use the cards, it's a total waste.

The only way that the card is a total payoff is if you get to eight mana.  That way you can go get at least one card and can get it right to hand immediately.  Then your next problem is that you spent a turn using your mana to put the card into your hand and still don't get to cast your spell.  It pretty much just functioned as an expensive tutor spell.

Constucted: 1.2
Limited : 1.2


This card is horrible in my opinion. The only thing good about it is its artwork. I would never put this in any deck. 

Limited - 1
Constructed - 1


Limited:** (2 Stars)
Constructed: ** (2 Stars)

Skyship Weatherlight is one of those cards that can look okay at first glance and then horrible thereafter (unless your playing 5-Color). In Limited, you might have a few good cards in your deck that you will want to fetch out to stomp your opponent with (or just basic land for stability). The problem lies in the fact that if Skyship goes away, so do all those cards that you just got. It doesn't get much better in Constructed since many decks will have ways of getting rid of artifacts quickly. If you go and search out one of the key cards to your deck and the Skyship goes away, the game just got harder for you to win. This one's a Two-Star Turkey all the way.


Um, this card pretty much sucks. Sorry - just wanted to intro a card that way. Actually, it's good in the biggest "alternative" format - 5 Color Magic. In that environment where everything is so spread, it's great. The problem with it in any "60 card" constructed environment is you have to fear artifact removal, which eliminates both the Weatherlight, and everything it removed. Plus, it's a bit high cost on both casting and activation. Trust me - if you want a tutor, there are much better things to use. In limited, I can see it being pretty useful. There, you often have extra mana, and less chance of getting it removed. It can give you a good
3-4 turns of card economy, maybe enough to finish off an opponent. Take it pretty high in a draft - first 3 or so picks, since it is colorless and works anywhere.

New Constructed: 1.5
Old Constructed: 1.0
Constructed Potential: 2.0
5 Color Rating (only for today, folks): 4.0

Overall Constructed: 2.13

Limited Rating: 4.5


No Review Today


Not all Legends are worth playing. Especially not all Legendary Artifacts. The Weatherlight is a piece of garbage until it becomes the Legacy Weapon. Seriously. End of story. 

Limited Rating - 1
Constructed Rating - 1
Evolved into Legacy Weapon - Pokelicious!

John B

No Review Today





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