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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Carrion Wurm

Carrion Wurm

Torment - Uncommon
3BB - Zombie Wurm

Whenever Carrion Wurm attacks or blocks, any player may remove three cards in his or her graveyard from the game.  If a player does, Carrion Wurm deals no combat damage this turn

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 2.35 (6 Reviews)
Limited: 3.65 (6 Reviews)
Reviewed February 22, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



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Let's face it.  It looks big and has a quirky drawback
that seems usable in a deck with Gravestorm and such,
but a 6/5 for 5 mana with a drawback just can't come
close to Spiritmonger.  Sengir Vampire would be better
at 5cc.  It's big, it's flashy, but it just isn't any

In limited, however, this guy is huge.  A 6/5 body for
5 mana with a drawback that won't matter very many
times is huge in this block.  Though it may not be a
first pick in draft, it should be taken very early.
There are better cards, but not many.

Constructed: 2
Limited: 4.2


You would think this guy is horrible looking at his drawback.  However, I don't think that is terrible.  Also, getting a large creature for 3BB is a pretty great deal.  The downside is, that in constructed, you can get a Sengir Vampire for the same cost.

In limited, I have drafted this guy a couple of times and I have passed up on him a couple of times.  It just depends on the mood I'm in or what I'm going for.  However, if you just need some more hitters, he's well worth it.

I won't give him a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  On this one, I'm like Mills Lane in a Tyson fight...calling it right down the middle.

Constructed: 2.6
Limited: 2.7


This guy is really amazing.  A 6/5 for 5 is solid in any limited
environment.  Sometimes he does no damage, but graveyards are so important
in today's environment.  I think he'll see play in decks more than you'd
think, and in Limited he's very good.  Limited a 4, constructed a 3.


Very naughty. This Wurm means business, and really screws with your opponent's haed. It's not like they'll have cards in their graveyard for long, and they'll constantly be scrutinizing their graveyard for ways to make this fattie less effective. But eventually... they're doomed.
Wurm Rating: Nightcrawler
Limited Rating: 3
Constructed Rating: 1


Limited ****
Constructed ***

I lost to this fattie in round 7 of the last PTQ I attended... obviously a
6/5 for 3BB is gonna be playable with such a minor drawback.  Could be a bit
easier to play around in Constructed but not for someone playing a Threshold
deck!  Expect to see Rats and Wurms working together for the greater good!


A nice sized black fattie who in the late game works as nothing more than a wall.  Having him serve, then they sac 3 cards and gang up on him is not that much fun.  Early on he's pretty solid.  If he comes down turn 5, could be death for them.  He might see constructed play in block, but I'm not even sure of that.  He's okay.

Limited: 4
Constructed: 2.5

John B

No Review Yet


No Review Yet





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