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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Chainer's Edict

Chainer's Edict

Torment - Uncommon
1B - Sorcery

Target player sacrifices a creature.
Flashback 5BB

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.62 (9 Reviews)
Limited: 3.91 (8 Reviews)
Reviewed February 21, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



Removal is good...Non-target removal is better...Reusable, untargeted creature removal is the best of all.
Rating Constructed 4.5
           Limited 4.5


Chainer's Edict is a card that will make a very big
impression on the upcoming environment.  Providing
solid removal at multiple stages of the game is good.
Doing it both with one card is even better.

In limited, this card is huge.  Pick it first, play it
first.  Every time.

Constructed: 4.2
Limited: 5


I think this card is decent, but I think it is over hyped.  In most beatdown decks, you should still be looking for spot removal that kills what you want it to.  Something in the light of Terror, Dark Banishing, etc.  However, in slower controllish deck, Chainer's Edict shines a lot more.

I would take it in limited.  Any removal is good.  Also, it is more likely in limited that you will hit the 5BB to pay the flashback, which isn't as likely in constructed.  

It's not a Diabolic Edict, but it definitely has its place in both formats.

Constructed: 2.6
Limited: 3.8


Chainer's Edict is better than Diabolic Edict.  There, I said it.  The
reason is simple.  It can always be cast twice where Edict is a one shot.  I
consider that VERY valuable even if you do lose instant status.  Its
probably only .1 better, but still.  In Limited its removal for 2 creatures,
which is always good, a 3.5.  In Constructed its even better because decks
can be built around it, 3.8.


In my favorite days of magic, we had a deck called Ass Whupping Lynch Mob - based around mountains of removal and swamping your opponent with great threats. Diabolic Edit was one of the stars of that deck, and Chainer's Edict makes me want to bring it back. So here you go
4 Chainers Edict
3 Firebolt
4 Flame Burst
3 Urza's Rage
3 Faceless Butcher
4 Flametongue Kavu
4 Prophetic Bolt
4 Fire/Ice
4 Duress
1 Pyre Zombie
4 Shivan Reef
4 Urborg Volcano
2 Underground River
2 Salt Marsh
2 Sulfur Vent
4 Swamp
4 Mountain
4 Sulfurous Springs
Ass Whuppin Rating: *whip*
Limited Rating: 5
Constructed Rating: 4


Limited ***
Constructed ****

Black needed this reprint!  Some would even say this is an improvement over
Diabolic Edict.  While not an Instant, the ability to make the opponent sac
2 creatures more than makes up for Chainer's Edict being a Sorcery.  The
flashback is easily attainable in Limited play.  More of a stretch in
Constructed still the best removal black has access to currently.


Things that kill critters are good.  Things that kill them twice are better.  It's like the good 'ole days again.  White Knight gettin' ya down?  Got Edict?

Constructed: 4
Limited: 4.5

John B

It gets into all those hard-to-reach places, and with advantages (typically
tempo and occasionally card)!  If creatures are expected, and Ivory Mask is
not, what's not to love?  Sorcery speed, yeah, yeah.  This is type 2,


Limited:***(3 Stars)
Constructed:*^(1 1/2 Stars)

The problem I have with Chainer's Edict is that it's
not an instant like the original (see Diabolic Edict).
 Also, the Flashback is a little high and probably
won't help too much that late in the game.  In
Constructed, the same things apply except that you
have a better range of removal to use, like Diabolic Edict.





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