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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Card of the Day

Skywing Aven

Skywing Aven

Torment - Common
2U - Creature Bird Soldier - 2/1

Discard a card from your hand: Return Skywing Aven to its owner's hand.

Pojo's Average Rating -
Constructed: 3.21 (6 Reviews)
Limited: 4.17 (6 Reviews)
Reviewed February 14, 2002

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating.



This is a decent creature although it's toughness make it very vulnerable to burn even with the pitch to return to your hand ability. I don't see much overall value for him in constructed. In limited he is somewhat better as he flies and gets out about a turn earlier than most fliers making him a decent card for blue decks.
Ratings Constructed-2
            Limited -3 


I like this card.  I was always a fan of Fleeting
Image, and it just hasn't been able to cut it due to
it's activation cost.  Here we have a card that is
exactly the same, except for the difference in
activation costs.  If there is a possibility for an
aggressive Blue Skies type deck, expect this guy to be
at the center of it.

In Limited this guy has a good and a bad.  The good is
that flying creatures for reasonable costs that can
save themselves from being killed are good, really
good.  The bad thing is that there a plethora of 3/3
flyers in Odyssey block, making this guy just an
expensive blocker if your opponent gets one out.

Constructed Rating: 3.5
Limited Rating: 4


No Review Yet


Fletcher is taking some time off for some personal family issues.


Mason is taking some time off for some personal family issues.


Limited *****
Constructed ****

I was the '96 Midwest Champion thanks to this beauties knob of an older brother, Blinking Spirit.  Hmmm... Skycloud Aven can fly, has the benefit of damage on the stack, AND costs a mere 2U?!  The Price is Right!


This card is a potential sleeper.  A two-power flier that can return on demand with only the cost of a card (potentially abusing madness) can be brutal.  In limited, it's amazing.  This card will win games - it's won me quite a few already.
In constructed, it's still decent  at 3CC, it's not real fast, but definitely a slow kill threat.  He will probably show up in some blue control decks in OBC.  In type 2, he might make an appearance, but not as great.

Limited: 4.5
Constructed: 3.25


Skywing Aven is one of my favorite cards in this set as well.  It will now
wow anyone with what it does, it's a straight forward card that can be very
dominant since it's a 2/1, and has the ability to come back to your hand,
thus making him almost invulnerable.  As I've heard it put about this guy,
"Change that text to '2U, Discard a card from your hand:  Regenerate Skywing
Aven.  Untap Skywing Aven if it's your turn."  In constructed, I give it a 4
simply because it's a solid creature that flies, and is hard to kill.

In limited, this guy is on my top 5 cards list for this set in limited (the
others are Gurzigost, Vengeful Dreams, Hypochondria, and Narcissism).  He's
a blocker who subverts death, and helps with threshold.  Whats not to love? 
He can be both defensive and offensive, and that's what makes him a first,
second, or third pick.  I'm probably stretching it by giving this guy a 5,
but he's an awesome creature, and I stand by this statement that this guy
will win you drafts.

John B

No Review Yet


Limited:***^(3 1/2 Stars)
Constructed:**^(2 1/2 Stars)

This guy seems to be pretty good in Limited.  I got
beat down by them in one match during the Pre-Release
because I couldn't get rid of them.  I don't think
they'll be as good in Constructed since there are
better fliers out there such as Mahamoti Djinn, even
though they do cost more.





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